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Breaking news – the Unite States cuts off supply of high-end GPU chips to China

the Unite States cuts off supply of high-end GPU chips to China

On September 1, the US chip giant Nvidia announced that the company has received an official notice from the United States that if it exports two high-end GPU chips-A100 and H100 to customers in China and Russia, a new export license is required!

According to the latest news, another company AMD also claimed to have received a related ban order!

Nvidia is restricted from exporting GPU to China

Nvidia is restricted from exporting GPUThe SEC has reportedly informed Nvidia that it cannot export its latest GPU chips to China and Russia without a license.

Nvidia has announced that the USG has implemented new licensing requirements for Nvidia’s future exports of NVIDIA A100 and upcoming H100 chips to China (including Hong Kong) and Russia, effective immediately.

This license is bound to include DGX or any other system that incorporates an A100 or H100 integrated circuit and an A100X. License requirements also include any future NVIDIA integrated circuits that achieve peak performance and chip-to-chip I/O performance equal to or greater than the A100-equivalent threshold, and any systems incorporating these circuits.

The U.S. government says the new licensing requirements are designed to circumvent the risk that the above products could be used or diverted to “military end-uses” or “military end-users” in China and Russia.

There quirements of new licensing could impact Nvidia’s ability to complete H100 development in a timely manner or support existing A100 customers, and could require Nvidia to move certain operations outside of China. Nvidia is working with USG and is seeking exemptions for the company’s internal development and support activities, the announcement said.

Additionally, Nvidia is working with customers in China and seeking to satisfy their planned or future purchases of company-related products that are not subject to the new license requirements. If a customer requires a product covered by the new license requirements, the company may seek a license for the customer, but there is no assurance that USG will grant any waiver or license to any customer, nor that USG will act in a timely manner.

AMD received urgent notice: stop supply!

AMD received urgent notice- stop supplyOn the evening of August 31, there was market news that AMD informed it that it had received an urgent notice from the headquarters:

1.Suspend the shipment of GPU cards MI100 and MI200 to all data centers in China;
2. Statistics of Ml 100 shipped in China;
3. Statistics of MI 200 shipped customers in China and delivery details AMD analysis may be that the US government wants to restrict the sales of high-performance GPU cards in China, especially for Chinese HPC double-precision high-performance cards.

The MI100 in the above news is a commercial product, and the MI200 will be commercialized by the end of 2022, all using the 7nm process technology.

Restricted GPU will impacts high-end computing filed or not

Restricted GPU will impacts high-end computing filed or notIndustry sources said that the blocked products are high-end GPUs with sufficient double-precision computing capabilities, and low-end GPUs are not affected. High-end GPUs with high double-precision computing capabilities are mainly used in high-performance computing fields, including scientific computing, CAE (computer-aided engineering), and medical care.

The supercomputing center is the national supercomputing center. It consists of thousands or even more processors with super-high computing power. It is known as the “Mount Everest in computers” and mainly meets the needs of the country’s high-tech fields and cutting-edge technology research.

In contrast, ordinary data centers are oriented to all scenarios that require information technology support, including a large number of Internet applications. China’s telecom operators and Internet companies have built their own data centers. Enterprise-level data centers often purchase A100 and H100 products listed in NVIDIA news. These products are high-end GPUs with sufficient double-precision computing capabilities. If the above-mentioned interruption of supply is implemented, the scope of the impact will be relatively large.

In the past, the United States has “hands-on” with China three times. In 2015, four Chinese institutions related to China’s “Tianhe-2” project were included in the “Entity List” by the United States; in 2019, Haiguang, Zhongke Suguang, Wuxi Jiangnan In 2021, 7 supercomputing institutions including Feiteng and Shenwei entered the entity list.

It can be seen from the above process that for China’s supercomputing, the United States has upgraded its attack methods and scope. If the news is true, this time the attack method will be upgraded from “supercomputing related units entering the entity list” to “direct ban on sales of related products that can provide services for supercomputing”, resulting in the expansion of the affected area from the supercomputing field to the Internet field.



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