Multilayer PCB design: an introduction to the basics

Multilayer PCB design

The circuit board can be divided into single-side, double-layer and multi-layer PCB according to the number of layers, and the multi-layer board refers to the circuit board with more than 4 layers. For many miniaturized products and high-speed products, multilayer boards are used, such as mobile phones, routing, switches, etc. So, what are the advantages of multilayer PCB? What is multilayer PCB design? How to design multi-class PCB? What do I need to pay attention to? This article will explain them all below.

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How does the PCB carry large current?

How does the PCB carry large current

The design current of the PCB is usually small, so how to make the PCB bear more current? The electronic products used in daily life also vary from tens of milliamperes to a few amperes. If one comes down to tens of amperes or more than 100A, it should not directly cause board burning or safety accidents. What can be done to address such concerns?

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What is mouse bites on PCB board?


The mouse bites on the circuit board is part of the PCB production board. In order to facilitate separation, dense small holes are usually arranged in a line. When the circuit board is broken from the fixed edge, it will leave dense rat teeth marks. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is a mouse bite?

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