Intelligent driving industry chain analysis 2023

Intelligent driving industry chain analysis

Intelligent driving introduces intelligent driving modules on the basis of traditional driving. Through the modification of conventional vehicles, equipped with various advanced on-board sensors, controllers, actuators and other devices, and the integration of modern communication and network technology, the vehicle has complex environment perception, intelligent decision-making, collaborative control and other functions, thereby greatly improving the automation and intelligence of driving.

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All about single board computer


Single Board Computers are powerful computers contained within a single board. They are used in a variety of applications, from robotics and video surveillance to medical imaging and industrial automation systems. SBCs offer great flexibility and customization options while remaining lightweight and power efficient. Here’s everything you should know about SBC technology and its application areas before investing in it.

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Pogo Pin – the most flexible connector in PCB and PCBA


Pogo pin is a kind of precision connector used in mobile phones and other electronic products, which is widely used in semiconductor devices to connect. Although Pogo pin is small and cheap, it can be widely used in mobile phones, computers, smart devices, aviation, aerospace, military communications, military electronics, etc. This article will mainly introduce all the knowledge about Pogo Pins.

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Reflow soldering – an important part of the PCBA process


Reflow soldering is the technique of applying solder paste to the contact pads of a PCB and melting it to link the electrical components. It uses solder paste to connect one or more electronic components to a contact pad and then melts the solder by controlled heating to achieve a permanent bond. It can be carried out using different heating methods such as reflow ovens, infrared heat lamps or heat guns. Reflow soldering is a very important step in the PCB assembly process in SMT.

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10 Common IPC standards for the PCB and PCBA industry


The IPC (Interconnection and Electronic Circuits Council) was founded in 1957 and is an international trade association with approximately 2,300 member companies representing all areas of the electronic interconnection industry today. Below is a list of 10 IPC standards involving PCB and PCBA manufacturing.

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THT PCB – the assembly technology being replaced by SMT in PCBA


THT is used for the construction of various printed circuit boards. It is the process of staging the PCB components. This mounting is done with leads using a through-hole. Through-hole components have tight physical bonds to the PCB board. This makes it very strong and durable. THT PCB in the automotive electronics, military and aerospace industries cannot be replaced in a short period of time, but it has been gradually replaced by SMT in the consumer electronics industry.

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