What’s the capacitor unit and its labeling methods?

What's the capacitor unit and its labeling methods

Capacitor is a kind of component that can store electrical energy, it is one of the very common electronic components, almost all electronic products, capacitors are used, there are many kinds of capacitors, for the plug-in capacitors, it is generally marked with many important parameters, such as brand, capacity, capacity error, rated voltage, etc., many people can not read the capacitor parameters. This article will be a comprehensive introduction to the capacitor unit and labeling methods.

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LDO Voltage Regulator: how much do you know about low dropout regulator?

LDO Voltage Regulator

LDO regulators provide reliable power to sensitive circuits, allowing for the prevention of voltage spikes or over-voltage conditions. LDOs are used in a variety of portable devices, including smartphones and tablets. In some cases, these components are needed for long battery life on the road where an extra bit of reliability can mean the difference between an emergency repair or no repair at all!

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Silicon Controlled Rectifier(SCR): power semiconductor electronic equipment

Silicon Controlled Rectifier(SCR) power semiconductor electronic equipment

SCR is defined as such a device that allows the unidirectional flow of current to flow and opposes the other direction. These type of devices are known as unidirectional devices.It is a power control device based on a thyristor, and its core is an intelligent digital control circuit. Thyristor rectifier plays a great role in AC voltage regulation, controllable rectification and non-contact power static switch.

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How much do you know about MEMS sensor? a new type of sensor

How much do you know about MEMS sensor a new type of sensor

You will improve your knowledge about MEMS sensors after reading this article. This device is able to measure a variety of different measurements, including pressure, temperature, humidity, and acceleration, among others. Because of their typically diminutive dimensions and low weight, these sensors are ideally suited for usage in a wide variety of applications, including medical equipment, the automobile industry, and the aerospace industry.

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