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Digital IC – integrated circuit for transmitting processing and processing digital signals


Integrated circuits commonly known as ICs are the primary part of electronics devices all over the world. It is a tiny semiconductor chip by which electronic components are attached. ICs are mainly classified into two categories: digital IC and analog IC. The digital IC has certain benefits over analog IC. The digital IC is capable of handling binary data and analog IC handles the data like video and audio which has continuous nature and it is also called as simplest IC because a very few components are attached with it.

What’s the integrated circuit(IC)and its types?

Integrated Circuit is an integrated circuit formed by a large number of micro electronic components on a plastic base and made into a chip. At present, almost all the chips we see can be called IC chips.

Integrated circuit is a kind of micro electronic device or component. Using a certain process, interconnect the transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components required in a circuit and their wiring together, make them on a small piece or several small pieces of semiconductor chips or dielectric substrates, and then package them in a tube shell to become a micro structure with the required circuit functions.

All the components have formed a whole in structure, which makes electronic components move towards miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability. It is represented by the letter “IC” in the circuit. The inventors of integrated circuit are Jack Kilby (silicon based integrated circuit) and Robert Noyes (germanium based integrated circuit). Nowadays, most applications in semiconductor industry are silicon based integrated circuits.
Basically, there are two major types of ICs
1.Digital IC
This type of IC is used in modern electronic devices and widely used type of IC.
2.Analog IC
This type of IC is conventional type of IC which is simple and few components are mounted over it. This IC is commonly known as linear IC. This is used in old devices which directly process the continuous data like audio and video. This IC can take input and output signal as continuous data.

what is an digital IC?

Digital IC is the most used IC now a day. It is deployed in almost all types of Electronic devices. The designing of this Digital IC is based on OR gate and AND gate. The digital IC system is based on the binary number operations. The indictors 0 is known as low and 1 is known as high. The data is transmitted in the form of 1s and 0s. No matter what the data is it is converted in 0s and 1s and then it is processed over the digital IC.

What are the classification of digital IC?

The Digital IC are classified as
1.Logic IC
These are the ICs such as microprocessors and microcontrollers.
2.Memory chips
The memory chips are metal-oxide semiconductor storing devices and these are also the type of digital IC.
3.Interface IC
The logic level ICs are the type of Interface ICs and contain low logic level 0 and high logic level 1.
4.Programmable devices
These programmable devices are the type of digital ICs. PROM, EPROM and EEPROM are the programmable devices that contain digital ICs in their construction.
5.Power management IC
the power management ICs are the part of digital devices that are mounted on the batteries of cell phones and other portable devices to manage the power.

what’s the advantage and disadvantage of digital IC?

The advantages of Digital IC are more than the disadvantages. The prime advantage of Digital IC is its usage in almost all the electronic devices such as in amplifiers, computer memory, programmable devices and as Logic ICs. The main advantages and disadvantages of Digital IC are listed below:
Advantage of Digital IC
● Miniaturization of electronic component is possible due to the usage of Digital IC. If we compare the weight of Digital IC with analog its weight is much lower than it. Hence results in the miniaturization of electronic component.
● Digital IC is much more reliable and it doesn’t become faulty in quick time.
● The power consuming capability of Digital IC is much lower.
● Easily replaceable when it gets faulty over the time
● Low cost is one of main advantage of digital IC.
● It gives the results even operated in high temperature areas.
●Digital IC has best functioning capability even in the complex circuitry.

Disadvantages of Digital IC
● It is not replaceable after it gets faulty.
● Easily damaged when used in high power systems that means it can only handle much lower amount of power.
● Digital IC works only up to 10 watts. It’s power dissipation is low
● It is not flexible and very small amount of force is enough to break the IC if exposed.
● Digital IC is very sensitive to the electrostatic energy and can be damaged by it.

what are the uses of digital IC?

There are many modern electronic devices that deploy digital IC and without Digital IC their operation is not possible. Digital IC is the primary source of many applications such as

● Digital IC is used in computers, servers and in mobile phones
● It is used in TV, FM Radio and in Dish
● Digital clock also made up of Digital IC
● Telecommunication equipment such as microwave antenna and sector antennas are made up of Digital IC.
● Digital ICs are deployed in Robots and other AI systems
● Modern medical equipment also are built by the ICs.
● Children toys and other handheld electronic devices are made by using ICs.
● Microwave oven
● LED monitors
● LCD monitors

What are the characteristics of digital IC?

There are various characteristics of Digital ICs and are mentioned below.
● It has the best characteristic of noise immunity
● The power dissipation is very low and that is desired characteristic of a Digital IC
● It has tremendous temperature handling capability from -10c to 80c.
● The operating speed is the main feature of Digital IC.
● It can be fabricated in very low cost.
● The other prime characteristic is less propagation delay in Digital ICs.

What is the difference between digital and analog IC?

What-is-the-difference-between-digital-and-analog-ICThe Digital IC differs a lot from analog IC. The digital IC is used for the application of Continuous data like video and audio and is operated in the form of 0s and 1s. Besides, The Digital IC is operated and handles discrete data and has very small size and hence preferred over Analog IC.

Digital IC is an IC that transmits, processes and processes digital signals. It is a variety of IC that has been widely used and developed rapidly in recent years. It can be divided into general digital IC and special digital IC.
Analog IC is one that process continuous natural analog signals such as light, sound, speed and temperature. Analog IC can be divided into standard analog IC and special application analog IC according to their applications.

Digital circuit IC is a device for processing digital signals, such as CPU, logic circuit, etc; The analog circuit IC is a device that processes and provides analog signals, such as operational amplifiers, linear regulators, reference voltage sources, etc. They are all analog ICs.

What is the operation voltage of a digital IC?

It is operated at low voltage DC power supply from 3.3V to 5V.


Digital signals are the key to the electronic revolution. Although the real world is composed of rich and colorful analog signals, experience has proved that binary signals bring great convenience and extensibility to the storage, transmission and processing of information in electrical systems. Therefore, in modern electronic systems, engineers use logic high voltage and logic low voltage (grounding) to represent signals 1 and 0, so as to convert the binary mathematical structure into the electronic system, which is the digital signal. Digital signals are widely used in the fields of computation, storage, etc. The integrated circuit used to process digital signals is digital IC.



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