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Emergency light circuit board introduction and assembly


Emergency lighting is a type of lamps that can effectively illuminate and display evacuation passages when the normal lighting power supply fails, or can continue to illuminate and work uninterrupted. Widely used in public places and places where lighting cannot be interrupted.Emergency lighting is composed of light source, light source driver, rectifier, inverter, battery pack, sign lamp housing and other parts. This article will cover the most important part of emergency lighting –emergency light circuit board

What is an emergency light?

An emergency light is a battery-packed or a-powered light source that should be activated when a power outage or shortage appears and creates low visibility conditions in an environment, especially in a workplace. Nowadays it is considered mandatory for modern commercial and residential building codes. When I building faces a power outage an emergency light automatically switches on.

What components are included in the emergency light system?

The components included in an emergency lighting system are:

● LED – Light is emitted by an LED chip when powered up.

● Test Button – The simulation of a power outage is done by professionals by using Test Button to test the light operation.

● Battery – The power is stored in the battery of an emergency light during a power outage.

● Emergency Light Module – All the functions necessary for delivering electricity and charging the light fixture are provided by the emergency light module.

● Housing – The housing for the emergency light is frequently built from a variety of materials and forms for use in diverse settings.

● Charging Indicator –It is a RED light that indicates whether the light fitting is being actively charged or not.

● Emergency Light Indicator Symbol – This symbol denotes that, by AS2293, the light fixture is an emergency light.

What is an emergency light circuit board?

What-is-an-emergency-light-circuit-boardIt is considered the brain of an emergency light. Whereas a battery is considered the heart of an emergency light. Every emergency light is endowed with a circuit board that controls all its functions. The functions include:

● Battery should be kept fully charged.
● Building’s AC power feed should be transformed into DC electricity for the charging of the battery and power up fixture lamps.
● When the building loses electricity, the device should be switched to emergency battery power.

Although the procedures involved are not very complex, they must always function perfectly.

What’s the material of the emergency light circuit board?

An emergency light circuit board is made up of different raw materials. The coating material most frequently used is an epoxy resin reinforced with glass fibers that have either one side or both sides coated with copper foil. These are made by the bonding of the paper-reinforced phenolic resin and copper foil. Emergency light circuit boards are made by using different plastic products like polycarbonate substrates.

What are the types of emergency light circuit board?

● 6v Emergency Light circuit board
● 12v Emergency Light circuit board
● CFL Emergency Light Circuit board
● Mini Emergency Light Circuit board
● Portable emergency light circuit board
● Fire emergency lights circuit board
● Energy saving emergency light circuit board

● Supply emergency lights circuit board
● Underwater emergency lights circuit board
● Rechargeable Emergency Lights circuit board
● Solar emergency light circuit board
● Multifunctional emergency lights, etc.

How does an emergency light circuit work?

It works by wiring it to the building’s power supply to charge the batteries which provide backup power to the building. Emergency lights use rechargeable backup batteries which provide light during an emergency evacuation.

How do you make an emergency lighting circuit board?

How-do-you-make-an-emergency-lighting-circuit-boardThe components which will be required are
● Transformer- 9-0-9 500mA
● Bridge rectifier
● Diode- 1N4007
● IC 7808 voltage regulator
● Capacitor 1000uF, 0.01uF
● Relay- 6v
● Resistors- 100 ohm
● LEDs- Ultra bright white LED
● Rechargeable 6v, 4.5Ah Battery

Tools that will be used are
● Soldering Iron
● Multimeter
● Clamp Meter
● Wire Stripper
● Nipper

The circuit will work according to the circuit diagram.
To scale down the 220 v to 9 v, we utilized Transformer 9-0-9 500mA. A bridge rectifier, a combination of four diodes, is utilized to eliminate the negative half component of AC. The Rectification is what this procedure is termed. Furthermore, a 1000uF capacitor was utilized for filtering, which involves taking out the ripples from the generated wave.

To produce an uninterrupted and smooth 8-volt DC supply, the voltage regulator 7808 was employed. the entire 220-volt AC to low-voltage DC conversion process. The emergency light’s primary purpose, which is to automatically turn on the emergency light (an array of white LEDs), is contained in the second section of the circuit. This has been automated using Relay.

The array of LEDs is coupled with a 6v, 4.5Ah rechargeable battery through a relay. When there is no power outage, the coil of the relay generally remains energized, attracting the lever to the NO (normally open) terminal and leaving the NC (normally connected) terminal open.

what are needed when emergency light circuit board assembly?

what-are-needed-when-emergency-light-circuit-board-assemblyYou will need the following to make a simple emergency light circuit board assembly.
● 909 500mA step-down transformer – 1x
● Two-way switch with double poles – 1x
● 12V SPDT single pole double throw relay – 1x
● 6V/12W LED light panel – 1x
● 7806 IC regulator – 1x
● IN4007 diodes – 4x
● 1K resistor – 1x
● 1000uF/35V capacitors – 2x
● 470uF/16V capacitor – 1x
● Red LED indicator – 1x
● 6V/5A rechargeable battery
Printed circuit board
● Soldering iron

How to choose a good emergency light circuit board manufacturer?

When choosing a good emergency light circuit board following points should be noted.

1.The materials and their properties should be known for the proper assembly of the PCB. The manufacturer will put the parts together using the standard assembly method once they are all ready.

2.After that you can receive a circuit board prototype from a PCB manufacturer and be asked to confirm that it meets your needs.

A few points should also be considered for the manufacturer.
● The number of layers needed for the LEC PCB should be decided. Which are available in different layers most commonly in one, two, and four.
● As the main duty of the boards is to create lighting, the lumen in the LED PCB is very important.
● Additionally, you need to ask the manufacturer to upgrade the circuit board with extra LEDs. The size of the board will be the main determining factor


Emergency light circuit board assembly capability-IBE

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Hope this article helps you learn more about emergency lighting circuit boards and components. In addition, if you are looking for an emergency lighting circuit board assembly manufacturer, then IBE will be a good choice for you.This company can provide one-stop PCBA service from PCB design, components purchase procurement, DIP/SMT assembly, and package.



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