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Everything you need to know about Isola PCB


What is Isola PCB?

PCB is referred to as a Printed Circuit Board which is surface-mounted with conductive and insulating layers. They are the foundation of different networking gadgets on which all of the electronic components are assembled in a required way.

Isola is a global material sciences company focused on designing and manufacturing copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used in multilayer PCB fabrication.

Isola PCB is the polyamide-based laminated material which is a wired structure of layers that perform the insulation and conduction as per gadget working.

Properties of Isola PCB

Isola PCB offers consistent lamination characteristics which help it in high-thermal performances. Some of the considerable properties of Isola PCB are:

★Strength maintenance
The Td value (decomposition temperature) of Isola PCB extends up to 500℃ which makes it extremely resistant to high temperatures. This mechanical and electrical resistance is because of high Td values.  Additionally, it provides excellent heat dissipation.

★Efficient in processing
As the Td value is high in Isola PCBs, the processing is efficient. The fragileness is reflected in the Td value.

★No delamination

Isola PCB is processed through a machine. That’s why this equipment doesn’t experience the partial separation of the layering. Ultimately, no blisters are seen on these products. PCB delamination is high-consideration of Isola when manufacturing the boards.

★High moisture absorption
Isola PCB withstands the highly humid surroundings. Even when they are exposed to wet environments, their work will not be affected.

★Long life span
The Isola PCB is mechanically protected by the resin system which is an excellent insulator even in harsh conditions. In this resin system, epoxy and polyurethane are used. When these two liquid components are combined, their stiffness escalates until they are entirely fixed. This whole combination increases the life span of PCBs manufactured by Isola.

Materials used in Isola PCB

The material used in any product reflects its efficiency, performance quality, and effectiveness. In Isola PCB construction, the materials used are;

It is a macroscopic combination of fiber and resin matrix which is cured by pre-impregnating fiber with resin matrix under high temperatures and pressures. The hot melt process is an effective method used to make prepreg.

Being a dielectric material in the designing and manufacturing process of PCB, the prepreg is a must to include as it acts as a bonding material. When multilayers are added to the Isola PCB, prepreg acts as an insulator and either holds two cores or a core and a copper foil. Using prepreg is important in the PCB manufacturing process for maximum strength, uniformity, and laminate thickness control.

●Copper clad laminate
Copper-clad laminate is a base material that is used for board fabrication. This material is laminated on both sides of the thin layer of prepreg. This is done under extreme heat conditions.Before considering a copper-clad laminate, it is important to look through size, appearance, electric performance, environmental performance, chemical performance, and physical performance. 


This is because the desired end design can be achieved effectively and efficiently.Using copper-clad laminate is important in the PCB manufacturing process for maximum transmission speed.

How to construct the multilayer Isola PCB?

As discussed earlier, prepreg (combination of fiber and resin matrix) and copper clad laminate (thin layered copper lamination) are the base materials used in the construction of multiplayer Isola PCB through intricate procedures involving numerous steps that are frequently cycled.The copper-clad laminate is polished and scraped to give it a fresh look and compatibility with further processes. 

Then, the prepreg is inserted between the two copper-clad laminates which are followed by the mutual penetration under high thermal pressures.The process of creating electric linkages between PCB layers is then followed by electroplating and hole machining. The resulting Isola PCB is a device for interconnectivity on which semiconductors and other components are put.

What is the Rheology in Isola PCB manufacturing?


Rheology is the concept in Isola PCB manufacturing that defines the course movement of the materials under high heat and compression environments. This helps individuals to describe how a material’s fluidity changes concerning temperature, thermal rise rate, implemented pressure, and other variables.

Is Isola PCB better than Nelco PCB?

The main area of discussion in selecting the better manufacturer of PCB relies on the selection of the right laminates and materials for fabrication. Isola PCB comprises prepreg and copper-clad lamination while Nelco PCB used different materials to make its performance strong and effective.In terms of better performance, Nelco is the priority.

The difference between Isola 185HR and 370HR

Isola PCBs are engineered to perfection for stability among electrical and chemical performance even when the pressures are extreme. Two of the lead-free laminated Isola PCB products i.e.  185HR and 370HR are discussed below;

☆ 185HR
185HR is engineered under Isola’s patented technology in which E-glass is used to deliver 340°C decomposition temperature. Its attributes are high thermal reliability and high density interconnect which makes it up to the mark for different leading industries like medical, industrial, transportation, consumer electronics, aerospace, and defense. This high-performance resin system comes with Tg of 180°C and Td 340°C. Its laser fluorescence technology makes it unique in the market.

370HR is considered to be the “best in class” product of Isola which attributes to high thermal reliability and high-density interconnection. It has a multifunctional epoxy resin system that works under high pressure. The 370HR has been used in countless PWB projects and has established itself as the industry leader in terms of thermodynamic endurance, CAF effectiveness, operating simplicity, and consecutive laminating design performance.370HR also comes with Tg of 180°C and Td 340°C. 


Isola PCB is the most versatile and sophisticated electronic application which is used in the communications infrastructure for computing and networking. Moreover, it is considered to be the most demanding electronic equipment in the world’s premier technology. 



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