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Faced with the strong development momentum of Mini-LED, what should PCB companies do

Mini-LED electronics update quickly

In the first half of 2022, Mini-LED-related consumer electronics products emerge in an endless stream, especially in the field of monitors and TVs. According to statistics of the LED industry, about 41 new Mini-LED displays and TVs have been released in the first half of 2022.

Due to the shrinking chip size and spacing, Mini-LED puts forward higher requirements on the substrate. There are currently three main types of Mini-LED substrate solutions: PCB, FPC and glass. Under the current technical process conditions, the PCB solution is the mainstream solution for Mini-LED substrates.

-LED electronocs update quickly
The supply chain is gradually maturing, TVs, laptops, and tablets will become the main downstream application areas of Mini-LED, and the PCB substrate market may reach 10 billion RMB.

 At present, there are many manufacturers that have developed Mini-LED substrates, including Dynamic, Avary Holdings, Bomin, Kingshine.,CEE, Victory Giant and so on. Rapid market response capability, mass production capability and product yield have become the core competitiveness of various manufacturers.

Enterprises expand investment scale

In the first half of the year, the Board of Directors of Dynamic has passed the capital expenditure budget, which is expected to invest RMB 358 million, or approximately NTD 1.561 billion, which will be used for the expansion of the second plant of the Huangshi Plant and the production line equipment. It mainly invests in high-end processes and HDI. New energy vehicles, ADAS, servers and Netcom, etc.

 At present, satellite ground receivers are maintained in small quantities according to customer needs; Mini-LEDs are used in NBs and TVs, and they are also in the process of proofing and certification. Mass production is expected in 2022.

Memory chip
On February 24,SGC and its related party Baroy New Material cooperated in research and development of materials and process technology for additive manufacturing of Mini-LED glass substrates. Through continuous investment, the company has gradually formed the process capability of producing small-pitch and Mini-LED PCBs.

The annual report of Avary Holdings disclosed that the company has the ability to quickly put into production Mini-LED PCB substrates. Huaian ultra-thin circuit boards will start mass production in the second quarter of 2021, with a planned production capacity of 93,000 square meters per month. There will be an additional quarter of revenue contribution in 2022. 

In order to meet the demand for new devices in 2022, Apple is strengthening the order volume and supply of Mini-LED display screens. As one of the few manufacturers in the world that masters mini-LED backlight technology, Avary Holdings will definitely have a broader space for development in the future.

On May 11, Bomin Electronics announced that it plans to raise no more than 1.5 billion RMB, which will be used for Bomin ‘ new generation electronic information industry investment and expansion project (Phase I). The total investment of the project is 2.132 billion RMB. Use the raised funds to invest 1.15 billion RMB. The project (Phase I) focuses on 5G communications, servers, Mini-LED, industrial control, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, memory and other related segments.

The company’s investment has not stopped. At the end of the month, Bomin announced that the company signed the “IC Packaging Carrier Board Industry Base Project Cooperation Ceremony” with the Hefei Municipal Government of Anhui Province. The total investment of the project is about 6 billion RMB, covering an area of about 200 mu. The project is constructed in two phases. The project is mainly engaged in the production of high-end high-density packaging carrier products, and the application fields include memory chips, MEMS chips, high-speed communication markets and Mini-LEDs.

On May 18, Kingshine shares disclosed the plan. The total amount of funds to be raised is not more than 150 million RMB. After deducting the issuance costs, it is planned to be used for the construction of the PCB production line for Mini-LED in Jiangxi Kingshine. 

The total planned investment of the project is 270 million RMB for the production of HDI for Mini-LED. The product will be used in Mini-LED displays, and its downstream will be oriented to direct display commercial fields such as tablet computers, TVs, notebook computers, automotive displays and various medium and large-screen displays.

CEE has realized the mass production of high-end HDI+COB high-integration packaging technology for Mini-LED applications earlier, and has the advantage of first-mover technology. CEE said that with the maturity and large-scale commercial use of Mini-LED integrated display and backlight technology, it is expected that the demand for high-end PCB products of Mini-LED will gradually increase in the future. CEE RPC-HDI products and FPC products are applied in batches of Mini-LED/micro-pitch LED display and OLED display respectively.

HON-FLEX said on the interactive platform that the company’s Mini-LED FPC products have been mass-produced into a variety of AR/VR glasses, including well-known foreign head customers.

The company’s technical level has been significantly improved

Victory Giant stated on the interactive platform that the company’s Mini-LED related products have been mass-produced and supplied to downstream customers. Victory Giant’s HDI business unit was put into production in 2019, and its products have gradually completed the transition from low-level to high-level structures. 

In 2020, the company’s 5G business unit will be put into production, and the Nantong base will be deployed. According to the company’s strategic plan, the target of 10 billion output value will be achieved in 2022. With high technology, high quality and high-quality services, the industry status is continuously strengthened. At present, its high-density multi-layer VGA graphics card PCB and small room LED PCB business market share leads the world.

Mini-LED related products
Oxconn mentioned that Mini-LED products mainly cover TV/NB/PC/automobile/Taiwan display and other products, and the main customers include Samsung, Sony, LG, etc. The company’s Mini-LED product technology is leading, and the positive and negative tolerances in the fourth quarter of 2021 can reach 10%, which has a sufficient safety margin. 

The Zhaoqing production base will gradually release production capacity in the second half of the year. The company’s Mini-LED backplane will ship 130,000 square meters in 2021, and the planned monthly production capacity of the A2 and A9 factories are 150,000 and 300,000 square meters respectively.

SSE has been committed to the development and production of products that require high technological level. At present, Mini-LED backlight products are in the stage of sample certification, and direct display products are in the stage of small batch trial production.

On July 8th, Kinwong official Weibo announced that it’s subsidiaries independently completed the “Research and Application of Self-luminous Mini-LED Backlight Module Liquid Crystal Display Photoelectric Panel Technology” won the third prize of Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, and the project technology innovation Break through again. 

At present, the company has supplied Mini-LED related products to relevant customers, and has achieved mass production in OLED multi-layer products, wireless headphones, Mini-LED, servers, automotive autonomous driving, new energy vehicles, smartphones, optical modules and other products.



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