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Four PCB companies are listed on Apple’s A-share core suppliers list


In the early morning of September 8, Apple iPhone14 series was officially released, according to market news, the first batch of Apple stock up to 34 million units, the initial stock is expected to be between 90 million units – 100 million units, from the data, the new machine will be able to meet market demand after the launch.

From the perspective of supply chain, in fact, the polarization of Apple’s A-share suppliers is also very serious. Statistics of related core suppliers of Apple in A-share, and these core suppliers are expected to benefit with the promotion of Apple’s new device sales. Among them, 4 A-share PCB listed companies: Pengding Holdings, SCC, DSBJ and Goworld are also listed as PCB suppliers.

The global market for 5G phones is sluggish

As we all know, in the past two years, the shipment volume of the smartphone industry is not very ideal. Since last year, the international market has increased with the relaxation of the epidemic, but since this year, the overall situation of the global market is not optimistic, especially the Chinese market.

On the one hand, affected by the epidemic, on the other hand, China’s 5G smartphone replacement wave has passed. Currently, 5G smartphones account for up to 70%-80% of the smartphone shipments, and 5G driven consumers have entered the end of the replacement, which also led to a significant decline in the shipments of China’s first-tier mobile phone brands OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

With the official release of iPhone14 series, set micro network statistics A share Apple related suppliers or concept stocks, overall, in fact, Apple in A share suppliers change little, some suppliers were kicked out of the supply chain, and some enterprises are shortlisted to start supplying Apple, such as Saint Bond micro, according to the news previously said, It will supply the power management chip for apple’s iPhone14.

According to Everbright Securities Research Institute, a number of A-share companies are deeply involved in the Apple industry chain, including: BOE, BYD, FII, LUXSHARE, WINGTECH, ACC Technologies (Hong Kong stock), Goer Tek, Lens Technology, LY iTECH , Sunway Communications,Hans Laser, HGTECH, DESAY, SXXWD, EWPT, etc. LUXSHARE is the largest connector manufacturer in China, the company continues to strengthen the cooperation with Apple, into the watch, TWS headphones, assembly and other fields; Goer is already in the manufacturing business for Apple’s AirPods, which accounted for 35% of Apple’s AirPods shipments in 2020 and growing.

This part of the enterprise mainly for the current A – share mobile phone concept units in each segment of the leading enterprises.


The gap between Apple A share supplier gap

From the perspective of the Chinese semiconductor industry chain, especially the chip field, there are not many in the supply chain of Apple at present. For example, in the field of mobile phone core chips, on the one hand, Apple self-developed some chips, and the other part of the chip suppliers are mainly European and American manufacturers. 

According to the incomplete statistics, in Apple consumer electronic products, Chinese chip suppliers are WINGTECH, SG- Micro, GIGADEVICE, etc., the field of seal testing has JCET, WLCSP, and USGLOBAL to provide SIP packaging for Apple.Throughout the A-share suppliers of Apple, it can be found that in fact, the polarization is very obvious, which is reflected in two aspects: on the one hand, the gap between the leaders is gradually widening, including the scale of enterprise revenue, market value, etc., such as the leaders in each segment mentioned above.

On the other hand, the gap between leading enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises is also widening rapidly, such as the ability to expand business, customer quality and resistance to market risk.

It is worth mentioning that in the statistics of the apple supplier, companies listed on STAR Market over the past two years more and more, so far has reached 15, such as HYC now, TZTEK, OPTMV, JPTOE,HYMSON, BOZHON, YANMADE, SIGLENT, FAVORETECH, LUSTERIN etc, these firms, which belongs to the machine or equipment suppliers, Belongs to the upstream enterprise, the overall market value is also biased to small and medium.

In addition to the above equipment or equipment parts enterprises, there are still some apple industry chain of materials, equipment manufacturers are on their way to A shares the sprint plan listed, such as testing equipment manufacturer BOOGOOB, SIX PUR have been, FOCUSIGHT, wide automation equipment manufacturers NEXTAS, LINKCONN, companies are also presented the prospectus.

The iPhone14 series will drive the growth of apple and the industry chain

According to this survey, Apple’s product differentiation strategy is more successful this year. The exclusive A16, Smart Island, 48 megapixel master camera of iPhone 14Pro series are more impressive to consumers, and this will undoubtedly drive the performance of Apple.

It’s a similar story in Canada, where almost all iPhone14Pro and iPhone14Pro Max are expected to be delivered in October.Before the event, it was reported that the first batch of the iPhone 14 series has been pre-ordered up to 100 million units, which officially started production in August, and the shortage of the first sales this year may be reduced.On the evening of September 9, the day of iPhone14 pre-sale, Apple’s stock price rose more than 2% at one point, and still closed up 1.88%, at $157.37 / share, the total market value has exceeded $2.5 trillion.

An analyst maintained its purchase rating and $185 price target on Apple. The analyst told investors in a research note that the iPhone 13 line faces a number of issues after launch, including ongoing supply chain constraints, But the latest iPhone14 should set the company up for the next 12 months, provided the supply chain continues to improve and apple can navigate new challenges, such as the strength of the us dollar.

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