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Keyboard PCB assembly service - IBE

As a manufacturer with 17 years of PCB assembly experience, IBE not only provides the assembly of computer motherboards, but also provides the manufacturing, design, and assembly of computer keyboard PCBs.

IBE strictly follows IPC assembly standards, uses imported SMT assembly machines, and provides customers with perfect services efficiently and quickly.More infomation about PCB&PCBA , contact us directly-sales@pcbaaa.com

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With its own workshop of 70,000 square meters, the monthly production capacity of PCB reaches 100,000 square meters, which can meet all orders from samples to batches.

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Specializing in mass production of various high-difficulty, high-precision density circuit boards, the products cover consumer electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, military, automotive electronics, communications and other fields.

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We have complete ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, IATF 16949, UL and other system certifications, and our products meet environmental protection requirements.

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We have a complete and user-friendly pre-sales and post-sales management system, which can quickly and comprehensively respond to the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with technical support, production operations and order services 24 hours a day.

Keyboard PCB manufacturing and assembly

As we know, the keyboard is an important part of the computer and an input device for operating the computer. The quality of the keyboard affects the efficiency of using the computer every day. At present, there are many kinds of keyboards on the market, but the keyboards are mainly composed of control circuit boards, keys, backplanes and panels. Among them, the circuit board is the control core of the entire keyboard, which is located inside the keyboard.

Therefore, the manufacturing and assembly of keyboard PCB is of great importance to the operation of the entire keyboard and computer.This article will introduce about the keyboard PCB in detail. Meantime, as a important part of keyboard production, keyboard PCB assembly also will be explained. More information about PCB assembly, please browse our website and contact us.

What is inside in keyboard?

What-is-inside-in-keyboardA keyboard is an unprecedented plan like a more unobtrusive than normal PC.It has own processor and hardware gives data to besides, from that processor. A gigantic piece of this hardware makes up the key association. The key cross segment is an organization of circuits under the keys. In regardless of control center from capacitive models, which we’ll look at in the going with part, each circuit is broken at a point under each key. Precisely when you press a key, it presses a switch, finishing the circuit and permitting a little extent of current to move through. The mechanical development of the switch causes some vibration, called skip, which the processor channel.

What are PCBs in keyboards?

A console circuit board is a sheet or board in a PC console that is intended to detect when a key is squeezed, figure out what key was squeezed, and send the data to a PC or different gadgets to which the console is joined. There are two primary parts that include a console circuit board, with the biggest and most conspicuous segment being the region under the actual keys that can be squeezed. In spite of the fact that there are various components that can be utilized, this region by and large purposes an example of circuits that are either finished or broken when a key is discouraged, telling the console regulator the area of the squeezed key.

Likewise on the console circuit board is a chip known as a console regulator, some read-just memory (ROM) that is utilized to store data about what key areas compare to which characters, and an equipment interface for sending the critical information to another gadget, like a widespread sequential transport of some sort or another (USB) or sequential port connector. The genuine material from which a console circuit board is made can be metal, epoxy or slender sheets of plastic on which the essential circuits are printed.

What’s material of a keyboard PCB?

How about we explain a portion of the distinctions truly fast. The PCB is the underpinning of your console, everything begins here and is worked off this part. Like a motherboard on a PC, the tasks of the console start at the PCB. The switches are welded onto the PCB and send the electrical motivations when the keys are squeezed.

The accompanying rundown is the normal materials in general. It’s anything but an incorporating list since in every case new materials are being tried as plates. Numerous custom mechanical consoles, after they are sold, set up the plate documents on the web. This is for individuals who need to CNC or print their own plates to use on their console. The two most normal materials for plates are aluminum and metal.

Past this, it ultimately depends on the client to source materials and assemble their plate. In spite of the fact that there are different plate materials, giving them a shot and seeing what works for you is the most ideal way to go. The various switches and case materials will likewise influence the general sound and feel of the console.


The least known and most visible on prebuilt consoles aside from custom ones. It is widely available in the market and easy to reduce. Atomic 13 offers a strong panel that has no bend in the console. slightly stiff fabric.


Brass is stiffer than aluminum. Over the long term, if left untreated, gold can oxidize and discolor over time. Some customers notice that the metal is low and boomy. aluminum.


Polycarbonate is a plastic texture. In any case, it also contains a serious sound. Polycarbonate sheets allow them to flex and sit funnily anywhere on the circuit board. carbon fiber

Carbon fiber

The carbon fiber material is equipped to realize a combination of thin screens with high constant smoothness by approaching a heat rise constant to zero and dealing with mechanical strength and thermal conductivity.

How many layers is a keyboard PCB?

This is the enchanted part of a console. There are three separate layers of plastic that work together to differentiate keystrokes. Two of them are wrapped with electrically conductive metal tracks and in between there is a protective layer with openings. The points you can see are points where the keys push the two main planes together. The lines are electrical connections that allow small electrical currents to flow when the layers are compressed through a critical drop of down from a higher place.

In the photo below you can see a close up of the underside of a key and if you look closely, you will see how it works. There are many electrical connections. on the bottom plastic film, printed in low light. The other set is on the top sheet of plastic and is printed faintly dark. The two blades are separated by a layer of sensible plastic, except at the openings where they press on the keys. down to make contact with both blades of the sheet.

How thick is a keyboard PCB?

Examine a keyboard showed that the top and bottom plastic layer of approximately 0.06 mm thick, while the middle spacer layer is approximately 0.09 mm thick. This roughly corresponds to the thickness of 80 g/m² paper.

When rigid flexible circuit board or plastic electronic circuit board is used, the maximum thickness is 0.2mm~0.3mm. If we use aluminum and polycarbonate board, the thickness of the circuit board should be 1mm-1.9mm.

How does a keyboard circuit board work?

A keyboard board is what makes a keyboard work. it’ a thin piece of cloth with semiconducting pathways etched into it. These pathways connect the numerous elements of the keyboard on and allow electrical signals to flow between them. The PCB is usually|is typically} coated in a {very} very layer of solder mask that protects it from short circuits and different damage. as a result of the central system of a keyboard, the PCB is obligated for making an interpretation of the useri’s input into electrical signs which can be peruse by the computer .

So on endeavor to this, the PCB utilizes a framework of associations with map the keys on the console to their comparing keycodes.once a key’ squeezed, the contacts on the PCB shut and finish the circuit,inflicting a side effect to the PC which can be taken as a chose keystroke.

How to design a keyboard PCB?

How-to-design-a-keyboard-PCBWhen we design a keyboard PCB, the primary issue we all know is what quite keyboard we wish to style. varied keyboard PCB layout tools are employed in the industry. once we have a bent to design a keyboard PCBs, there are two major types:
normal keyboard PCB
Hot-Swappable PCB

Normal Keyboard PCB

Standard keyboards PCB connect on to your laptop via USB or PS/2 ports. as a result of they connect directly to your system, they don’t would like the other special instrumentality or thereforeftware—you simply plug them into your computer and begin writing away. However, thanks to their design, commonplace keyboards tend to not be as versatile as hot-swappable ones.

They usually don’t associate with any further options like media keys or multiple color options, so if you wish one thing completely different from a comprehensible black keyboard while not frills (or keys), then you may want to seem elsewhere.

Hot-Swappable PCB

At its most basic, hot swap PCB implies that there are special sockets that permit a user to drag out the switch or click into place while not bonding it onto the card inside. this implies that you just will quickly modification switches on demand without abundant effort.

Some keyboard can have one or additional keyboard PCB counting on what number keys it has. A life size keyboard like those who escort a personal computer will have a minimum of one PCB. and alternative keyboards solely use two PCBs: the most body of the keyboard is hooked up to associate degree add-on board that plugs into your PC via a USB cable. this is often a touch dishonest as a result of there are technically 2 boards within that single layer of plastic—the main board includes your keys and a controller board is what permits them to figure along with your computer.
Normal-and-Hot-Swappable-PCBSo you need to make a PCB for a console? Don’t have any idea where or how to begin? Well you’ve come to the ideal locations!

The PCB sends signals to the pc to induce the commands and keystrokes that we tend to press whereas typing. while not this part, there would be no management over the computer. Many folks who build their own keyboards will see however this PCB looks.Before fitting the keyboard, it’s suggested to check the PCB to create positive it is operating properly. this may save time and energy in building the keyboard. Using a metal object which will act as a switch, gently bit the PCB with a metal object with contact points attached.

through this method you’ll be able to see if all the keys on the board are working. In addition, the dimensions of the PCB you will get will replicate the size of the complete keyboard. The keyboard is accessible in several sizes, full size or 100%, TKL, 75%, 65%, 60% and 40%.

what’s the features of keyboard PCB?

what's-the-features-of-keyboard-PCBThe PCB utilized in the keyboard or the PCB utilized in different gadgets has no specific distinction, the capability of both is to give contact. The association or sign exchange in the keyboard PCB is finished by squeezing a switch inside the PC. There are buttons on PCB board which are utilized for network or sign exchange while squeezing similar button on the PCB of different gadgets.

Coming up next are a couple of decisions that may be found on a PCB, similarly as visa, follows, pads, and fix masks.Visa are little openings that permit electrical signs to pass from one layer of the PCB to another.Traces are the conductive way that interface the vacillated parts on the PCB.Pads are locale of the PCB any spot parts may be bound onto the board.Solder covers are a covering that is applied to the PCB to keep weld from shorting out any of the follows on the board.

what’s the process of keyboard PCB assembly?

The keyboard PCB gathering is finished similarly as the other PCB get together is finished PCB. Keyboard PCB assembly depend on the kind of PCB of keyboard. Mostly use the types of PCB keyboard are through hole, SMD THT, hot swappable and soldered PCB.

We should talk about certain focuses here that are engaged with console PCB get together.
● Actually look at PCB for right usefulness
● Define format and insert buttons
● Selection of switches
● Components types
● Totally patch the switches

How to choose a good Keyboard PCB assembly company?

Once the keyboard PCB style itself has been developed, the PCB must be manufactured, that is sometimes done by a specialist keyboard PCB fabricator. Value reduction of the success of a product, however care must be taken to not underestimate the cost. Lower cost is, of course, a very important think about any decision, but it’s been same that the thrill of low cost is forgotten long before the unhappiness of poor quality is outweighed.

The computer circuit board is one in all the foremost important options of an electronic assembly. The keyboard PCB provides mechanical support Associate in Nursing property for electronic devices. Keyboard PCB are obtainable in numerous technologies counting on the application.

You’ll additionally wish to figure with a manufacturer that has expertise that matches up along with your project’s requirements. explore for the subsequent data on their web site or raise a representative to supply you with it:

● Do they need experience with surface-mount technology, through-hole producing or both?
● What size batches do they generally work with?
● What types of product have they assembled and what kinds of parts did those comes involve?
● What industries have they worked with?
● What different services do they offer?

IBE – keyboard PCB assembly capability

IBE is a PCBA manufacturer in China, who provides electronic Design , PCB Fabrication, SMT/DIP and PCB Assembly. IBE have 5 factories around the world. During 17 years, the industries IBE has served include new energy, Medical industry, optical, automotive electronics, aerospace, and others.

IBE has strong R&D and production capabilities-14 SMT lines, 6 Dip lines, Lab, 75000 m²factory, and 4 product assembly production workshop.The most important one, our price is very competitive because we own the factory.

FAQ about keyboard PCB


Are all 60% keyboard PCBs the same?

A 60% keyboard is basically a keyboard but at the same time as now no longer the extra keys like Insert, Home, Page Up, numpad keys and F keys etc. are all of the 60% keyboard PCB layout identical however a few converting a few that have a RGB mild primarily based totally and a few with out lighting.
What microcontroller do keyboards use?

What microcontroller do keyboards use?

The microcontroller is that the central part of your circuit. The brain of your project, a very fascinating very little thing. A microcontroller is sort of a laptop on its own with integrated CPU, memory and cupboard space tired a small socket (7x7mm). It runs the code (your program) to discover keypresses.The foremost common microcontrollers for keyboard comes these days are the Atmega32U4 and also the RP2040.

Does PCB affect keyboard sound?

PCB can have minimum effect, in spite of being connected, it is a tender fabric and the plate has a tendency to take the real effect no matter mount. The plate will extrade the sound of the ping, however greater importantly it is able to and normally does increase it. Brass and plex appears to hose down the most (with the aid of using pretty a lot). Foam withinside the backside and among the plate and PCB also can help.


Keyboard-PCB-manufacturing-and-assemblyThis article introduces the way to choose keyboard PCBs designing of keyboard PCB and choose the right manufacturer for custome keyboard PCB design PCBs, and additionally introduces how to build your custom keyboard, which material use for keyboard PCB assembly and designing. if you want your custome keyboard PCB then contact to IBE to manufacture your keyboard PCBs, and luxuriate in spectacular services now.