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How much do you know about mobile PCB board?


What is inside mobile?

In a mobile, there are several components which are located inside it. The main components of almost all the mobile and cell phones are common, which are an integrated circuit (IC) made up of a MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) installed on a motherboard, a battery which runs the phone, a CPU (central processing unit) and the processor of the phone.

What is PCB board in Mobile?

What-is-PCB-board-in-MobileA PCB function in mobile phone is to connect all the electrical components inside the mobile electrically and support it mechanically with the help of pads and conductive tracks which are etched by multiple or single copper sheet layers which are laminated between the layers of non-conductive substrate. Single as well as multiple functions are performed and handled by the printed circuit boards like data transfers and display. The devices like computers and cell phones require multiple functional boards.

Which types of PCB is used in mobile phones?

The devices like laptops, tablets, GPS trackers, computer and cellphones require multi-layer printed circuit boards for managing and handling of different operations. Modern smartphones use highly multilayer printed circuit boards as the mother board and low multilayer PCBs as the complementing daughter board, based on their features and emerging trends.

what’s the material of mobile PCB board?

The printed circuit board of cellphone is made up of nonconductive substrate materials which have copper circuitry layers etched internally or externally. A PCB is a flat laminated composite. In applications where higher current flow is required, copper circuitry layers can include higher than 50 layers as well, but they could be as less as 1-2 layers depending on the applicaition.

what’s the use of mobile PCB board in phone?

The printed circuit boards in a cellphone are responsible for a number of applications and operations. All the components which are installed inside a cellphone get power to work from the PCBs. All the features like display, WIFI, cellular data connection, these cameras are all possible because of the printed circuit boards.

what’s the features of mobile PCB board?

PCBs may be found in a wide range of electronic products, including smart phones, laptops, televisions, GPS devices and webcams. A mobile phone’s circuit board serves as the device’s brain for all operations. It serves as the phone’s primary operational hub. Numerous parts on the circuit board collaborate to ensure the proper operation of the phone.

Which PCB design technology is used in mobile?

Another sort of multilayer PCB manufacturing technique that is now in use and application is laminate multi-layer PCB technology. Circuit layer is created via a subtractive method when laminate multilayer PCB manufacturing technology is used.

How many PCB layers are in a smartphone?

In a smartphone PCB, there are up to 10 conductive layers which are present inside a circuit board. Muti-layers as well as flexible layers are present in the printed circuit boards. A multilayer PCB offers a vertical path for wires across the board by stacking many PCBs on top of one another. They consist of single or multiple cores.

What are the electronic components in mobile motherboard?

What-are-the-electronic-components-in-mobile-motherboardThe electronic components in a mobile motherboard are


● Electrolytic Capacitor
It is larger than non-electrolytic capacitor and found in two colors i.e., black with white strip and orange with brown strip. The strip side is positive and other side is negative. Its function is to filter out and to store current.

● Non-Electrolytic Capacitor
It is larger in height. Found in different colors like brown, grey or yellow. Used to filter DC current.

● Network Capacitor
Made from 2 or more electrolytic capacitors.


It stands for Light Emitting Diode. Found in either light yellow or white color and used to emit light.

● Zener Diode
Found in charging section. Its function is to filter and minimizing the current and move it forward. It has fixed capacity of 4,6 and 8 V etc.

● Photo Diode
It is used for the infrared. Infrared rays are captured by using photo diode.

● Rectifier Diode
Used to convert AC current to DC current. Operates in only one direction and doesn’t pass the current in reverse.


Found in many shapes and sizes. These are present in two colors i.e., Black and White; Blue and White. Binding of copper coil is present inside it. Used to filter and decrease the amount of voltage and current.

Boost Coil

A little larger than the original coil. Looks like a button and present in black color. Used to increase the amount of current. Coil cannot be repaired in case of damage.


The current is filtered and voltage is regulated by a regulator.


Found in the network section of a mobile’s motherboard. It is of black and white color with six pins bent inside. Its function is to filter out the network.


A transistor is a tiny semiconductor that monitors or manages current or voltage flow. It also produces, switches as well as amplifies electrical signals.


● Network Resistance
Any component of a mobile phone comprised of two or more chip resistances can include the network resistance.

● Chip Resistance
It is of dark color present throughout a mobile phone.  It could also be available in certain sets in blue and green colors. It is the smallest electronic component on a mobile phone’s printed circuit

FAQ about mobile PCB board

Most frequent questions and answers

Which IC is used in mobile phones?

Flash IC as well Radio-frequency IC is used widely nowadays in mobile phones. The Flash IC has software loaded along with the mobile phone’s IMEI number. It is located in the mobile phone’s Power Section. It goes by the names EEPROM, Memory, RAM, and ROM IC as well. The power IC draws energy from the battery and distributes it to all other mobile phone components.

Can mobile PCB board be repaired?

Only tools and equipment designed specifically for micro soldering can be used to access, remove, repair, or replace the small chips present on the circuit board and motherboard of your cellphone. Repairing damaged phone circuit boards is not feasible without these cutting-edge skills.


We have learned about mobile PCB board and its electronic components from above articles.PCB is very important to the electronic device like mobile phone and computer, so the PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly must be taken seriously. IBE, as a professional one-stop PCBA manufacturer with 17 years experience, provide all the service from PCB design, components procurement,DIP/SMT PCB and package and so on.



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