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PCBA tools and hardware : what are they?

PCBA tools and hardware

As we all know, the PCB is the important part and of electronic products and carrier of electronic components. PCBA means PCB assembly, which is the process of soldering components on the PCB bare board through SMT or DIP .

This article organized some PCBA electronic engineers commonly used PCBA tools and hardware to share to some friends who are ready to enter the industry or just enter the industry, have a general impression of the daily life of electronic engineers. I will divide the tools and hardware into measurement tools, prototype development tools, soldering tools, cutting tools, clamping and screwing tools, soldering and cleaning tools, other types of tools to introduce with you.

Measuring tools

Measuring tools
Name: Multimeter

Multimeter can be used to measure the capacitance, resistance, transistors, and inductive coils in the motherboard components for inspection.

1, measuring resistors, capacitors, inductors and other devices, used to determine whether these components are damaged.

2, measuring the circuit for short circuit or leakage, especially the PCB printed circuit open circuit, to prevent burning other components.

3, measuring the motherboard chips and diodes, transistors, controllable components and other suspected faulty devices to ground impedance, and then find out the faulty device.

4, using a multimeter to measure the voltage of the relevant parts of the main board, to find the fault site to provide clues.

Use: The oscilloscope can transform the electrical signal invisible to the naked eye into a visible image, which is convenient for PCBA electronic engineers to study the change process of various electrical phenomena. Oscilloscope can also be used to test a variety of different electricity, such as voltage, current, frequency, phase difference, amplitude modulation, etc.

1、measure the voltage amplitude of DC signal, AC signal

2、measure the period of AC signal, and convert the frequency of AC signal.

3、The waveform of AC signal can be displayed.

4、use two channels for signal measurement separately.

5、display the waveform of two signals on the screen at the same time, that is, the role of double-trace measurement. This role can measure the phase difference between the two signals, and the difference in shape between the waveforms.

Non-contact voltage tester
Use: Non-contact voltage tester does not need any cable, wire, socket contact can measure the presence of voltage.

PCB ruler
Use: PCB ruler can be used for simple measurements such as line gauge, Board trace width, transistor and diode diagrams, and pin arrangement, etc.

Prototype development tools

Prototype development tools
Use: Breadboard is designed and manufactured for solderless experiments of electronic circuits due to the many small jacks on the board. As a variety of electronic components can be inserted or pulled out at will as needed, eliminating the need for welding and saving time for circuit assembly, and the components can be reused, so it is ideal for assembly, debugging and training of electronic circuits.

Use: Jumper wire is actually a metal connection line connecting the two demand points of the circuit board, generally used on breadboards. PCB jumper has different materials and thickness so that we can selected.

Soldering tools

electric soldering iron
Use: It is a necessary tool for electronic production and electrical repair, the main purpose is to weld components and wires.

Solder paste
Uses: Solder paste is an important industrial raw material for connecting electronic components in the welding line, is a low melting point of the solder, mainly refers to the solder made of tin-based alloy.

Solder absorber
Use: Solder absorber is a tool for repairing in PCBA process, collecting the melted solder when dismantling pads of electronic components.

Use: Rosin is a flux, can make the solder joint more firm, bright, smooth.

Cutting tools

wire stripping pliers
Use: PCBA electronic engineers use wire stripping pliers to strip the surface insulation from the head of the wire and protect themselves from electrocution.

Wire cutter pliers
Use: Wire cutter pliers is one of the tools commonly used by PCBA electronic engineers to cut off the excess pins of components, etc.

Clamping and screwing tools

Clamping and screwing tools
Screwdriver, pliers
Use: Screwdriver is used to disassembly of the shell and screw tightening and pliers for clamping, unscrewing some of the harder things.

Tweezers, hemostatic forceps
Use: Tweezers and hemostats are used to hold components or other objects, and hemostats have a self-locking function to facilitate the use of certain times.

Chip starter
Use: The chip starter is mainly used to help desoldering various chips IC.

Soldering cleaning tools

PCBA cleaning tool
Glue, adhesive tape
Use: Usually we use insulating tape to fix and bond components and wires.

Heat shrinkable tubing
Use: .Heat shrinkable tubing is widely used for electronic connections, solder joint protection, wire ends, wire harnesses and electronic components protection and insulation treatment. Usually used to insulate and wrap the cable.

Heat gun
Use: The hot air gun is mainly used to weld the components and remove the components from PCBA board through the hot air blown from the core of the resistive wire.

Alcohol, turpentine, tianna water
Use: Alcohol, turpentine and tianna water are mainly used to clean components and circuit boards.

Use: The cotton is used to stick up the solution for coating, cleaning and other functions to the PCB and components.

Hair ball, ear washing ball
Use: Hair ball and ear wash ball are mainly used to remove surface dust of components and circuit board.

Other tools

Static hand ring
Use: Static hand ring, is composed of conductive elastic band, active buckle, spring PU wire, protective resistor and plug or alligator clips. It is a small device used to release the static electricity stored in the human body to play a role in the protection of electronic chips.

Adjustable power supply
Use: Adjustable power supply can provide different voltages and currents to facilitate PCBA electronic engineers for dealing with different situations and problems.

Other hardware

PCB support
PCB support
Screw grommets
PCB mounting pillars
PCB spacers
PCB mounting blocks
Card pullers
Transistor insulators
PCB fan parts


The above is a total of 32 kinds of PCBA electronic engineers commonly used hardware tools.More tools and hardware will update in our website, please follow our blog. Besides, Our company IBE is a professional PCBA manufacturer with more than 18 years’ experience, providing all the services- PCB design, prototype PCB, electronic components and devices procurement, most important, SMT and DIP assembly, PCBA testing, package and shipping, which will significantly save your time and cost.



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