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Q&A about 94v0 circuit board

Q&A about 94v0 circuit board

With the rapid development of electronic products technology, PCB materials and CCL have higher performance requirements, and the fire performance of which has become the focus of attention. We can often see the words 94V0 from the PCB, it may not be clear what it represents and its use. Well, today’s article, we will mainly address the common questions about 94v0 circuit board.

What is UL 94v0?

UL certification is the general name of the various certifications carried out by the United States Underwriters Laboratories, UL certification on the flammability of plastics there are two methods: one is we usually see the most UL-94 V0, V1, V2, V5, which is the vertical burning test method; the other is we generally rarely see UL94 HB, which is the horizontal test method.

UL 94 is the most widely used standard for evaluating the flame resistance of plastic materials, and is also used to evaluate the ability of materials to extinguish flames after being ignited.

UL94 V0 evaluation method: The sample can quickly self-extinguish after the flame is removed from the ignition to no burning melt drops within 10s.

What is 94v0 circuit board?

What is 94v0 circuit board

The circuits engraved on the PCBs of the 94V0 circuit board must have undergone UL 94V-0 testing to determine their flammability. Keep in mind that these sorts of circuits are excellent or ideal for building basic electrical devices.

Additionally, it is used to create machinery that can withstand challenging environmental conditions. These gadgets are strong and powerful. The circuit board is a key component in the production of electronic equipment, according to circuit experts.

There are some temperature control or modulation panels on the 94v0 circuit board. This constantly aids in controlling heated temperature. It sort of inhibits overheating in any manner.

What does 94V mean on a circuit board?

The UL 94V-0 only refers to the plastic flammability degree, which is used to assess a material’s capacity to burn out after being ignited and is crucial for the safety of using electronics.

Two 10-second burn tests on the sample resulted in the flame being put out in less than 10 seconds.

The 94v0 circuit board passes through a variety of flammability standard screenings, making it safer to use tools. It may be found in both tiny and big gadgets. It enables adaptability while maintaining affordability, particularly for single- or double-sided PCBs.

What’s the type of 94v0 circuit board?

94v0 single sided PCB
94v0 double sided PCB
94v0 multilayer PCB
94v0 rigid PCB
94v0 flexible PCB
94v0 rigid-flex PCB

Why you need 94v0 circuit board?

Circuits without the 94V-0 rating on them burn and distort as well. It’s the major reason you should work to have your PCB rated at 94V-0 before starting a big production.

What’s the properties of 94v0 circuit board?

● Nearly inflammable: These boards are not easily flammable since they are composed of materials that received the highest ratings in the UL 94 flammability test.

● These boards are standardized to fit traditional electronic components and make it simple for programmers to attach cutting-edge electronic components.

● By layering insulating materials and copper linings, they may construct huge circuits in a smaller amount of area thanks to enhanced PCB designs.

Where is a 94V0 circuit board used for?

These are the circuits that manufacturers of tough gadgets should use the most. Such machines are commonly employed by experts in the manufacturing of high-quality machinery that may be used in:Where is a 94V0 circuit board used for
● Lines of work where a device malfunction might be deadly. For instance, while creating circuit boards for equipment used by the military or hospitals.

● Accident-prone professions, such as the military, civil engineers, and carpenters, among others. The majority of these devices are frequently “military level” or merely “rugged” gadgets.

What’s the difference between 94v0 and 94HB?

Ul has designed a series of standards and grades according to the fire resistance properties of the materials. The fire performance can be classified from low to high: UL-94HB, UL-94V-2, UL-94V-1,UL-94V-0,UL-94-5V. So the fire performance is one of the differences between 94v0 and 94HB.

In addition, due to the different testing methods of UL94 standard, 94HB refers to horizontal burning test, while 94V0 is vertical burning test.

The specific operation process is different. 94v0: Burning ends after ten seconds on a vertical specimen; drips of particles are OK as long as they don’t catch fire.
94HB: slow burning on a horizontal specimen; burning rate less than 76 mm/min for thickness less than 3 mm or burning ceases before 100 mm

List of 94v 0 circuit board manufacturers

Genus Electrotech Ltd.
The business offers PCB and EPS product solutions. About 72000 square metres of factory space are used to manufacture PCBs.

Circuit Systems India Ltd.
The business offers clients comprehensive solutions in addition to PCB.

Shogini Technoarts Pvt. Ltd.
The company’s headquarters in Pune cover an area of 33000 square metres. The business has the capacity to produce single-sided.

Ascent Circuits Pvt. Ltd.
The business is a pioneer in single, double, and multi-layer PCBs. The manufacturing facility produces approximately 7 million square metres of PCBs and has a state-of-the-art reverse pulse plating equipment.List of 94v 0 circuit board manufacturer

 FAQ about 94v0 circuit board

Most frequent questions and answers

What is a v0 material?

V-0 Vertical Burn The burning ceases after two applications of a flame to a test bar for 10 seconds each. Dripping flames are not allowed.

What is fr4 94v0 pcb?

FR, which stands for “flame retardant,” denotes that the substance complies with the UL94V-0 standard on the flammability of plastic materials. All FR-4 PCBs include the 94V-0 code. It ensures that when the material burns, fire won’t spread and will be quickly put out.
The chemical element bromine, a so-called halogen that resists fire, is used in FR-4. In the majority of its uses, it took the place of G-10, another composite with lower resistance.
The benefit of FR4 is that it has a strong resistance-to-weight ratio.


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