THT PCB – the assembly technology being replaced by SMT in PCBA


THT is used for the construction of various printed circuit boards. It is the process of staging the PCB components. This mounting is done with leads using a through-hole. Through-hole components have tight physical bonds to the PCB board. This makes it very strong and durable. THT PCB in the automotive electronics, military and aerospace industries cannot be replaced in a short period of time, but it has been gradually replaced by SMT in the consumer electronics industry.

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Ceramic PCB – a technology that is growing in the PCBA industry


As the market has evolved, ceramic PCB has become a more viable option for PCB designers. With the continued demand for miniaturized, microelectronic and high-power LED packages, substrates that can withstand high operating temperatures while providing excellent thermal performance must be required.

Ceramics have been widely used in electronics/electronic components for many years due to their thermal and mechanical properties.

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Ultimate guide to choose PCB material for beginners 2022

PCB material

A printed Circuit Board is an important component in electronic systems, whose main function is to mount and solder electronic components on it to create a mechanical shape and electrical connection between components. According to the layers, we can build circuit boards that can be single-sided, double-sided, or multi-layers. The paths in different layers are connected by vias; the multi-layer PCB increases the component density much higher.

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