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Advanced Automotive PCBA manufacture

PCB is used to support the body of electronic components and serves as the carrier of the electrical connection of electronic components. While PCBA refers to the assembly of PCB and various electronic devices after the process of SMT and DIP plug-in.

PCBs are used in many parts of automobiles, including control systems, audio and video systems, GPS modules, etc. The application scenarios are rich.IBE, with more than 17 years of automotive PCB assembly production experience, believes that the prospect of automotive electronics will be bright and automotive PCB application demand will continue to increase. IBE aims to provide the most advanced and satisfied automotive PCBA.

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Delivery on time

With its own workshop of 70,000 square meters, the monthly production capacity of PCB reaches 100,000 square meters, which can meet all orders from samples to batches.

Provided the service of manufacturing high-difficulty boards

Specializing in mass production of various high-difficulty, high-precision density circuit boards, the products cover consumer electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, military, automotive electronics, communications and other fields.

Quality Assurance

We have complete ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, IATF 16949, UL and other system certifications, and our products meet environmental protection requirements.

Professional customer service team

We have a complete and user-friendly pre-sales and post-sales management system, which can quickly and comprehensively respond to the individual needs of customers, and provide customers with technical support, production operations and order services 24 hours a day.

The Modern Automotive Industry’s Chassis- Automotive PCB Assembly


The future of the automobile industry is promising given the ongoing development of autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, airplanes, and other innovations. Car manufacturers like Tesla are producing cars that are competitive with Ferrari and still pleasant to drive. Both the demand for human drivers and the fascination with gasoline and oil will soon disappear.

What is automotive PCB Assembly?

Engine controls, airbag sensors, non-freezing braking system boards, and even GPS compatibility are just a few of the automotive PCB assembly that have transformed how we drive and use our cars. Automotive PCB is a need for the majority of the high level components in the automobile in your garage or the fleet in your company’s parking lot. Additionally, we are increasing the number of front control centers, windshield overlays, in-taxi course structures, and other pieces of equipment that assist us drive or relax while we drive.


There will be an increase in demand for specific systems that don’t slowdown in certain areas of strength. Whether in the engine, the dashboard, or other areas with a lot of growth, the automotive PCB assembly from IBE is specifically created to support each individual application and function in the conditions they will encounter.

The application of PCB Assembly in automobiles

Controlling the connection of airbags is one of the most significant functions of Automotive PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for automobiles, thus having the option to prioritize security is crucial. The airbag association rate sensor, which is built into the automotive PCB assembly, is essential for distributing contact-based power and triggering the airbag when it’s required.

The existing audio and visual equipment in automobiles can also benefit from automotive PCB assembly. This board connects the visual display equipment and sound system of the vehicle to ensure optimal functioning.The use of GPS or other global positioning systems is also possible with automotive PCB assembly. Examples of various uses include engine timing systems, gearbox sensors, LED braking lights, electrical reduction gear designs, correspondence gears, electricity converters, and somewhat regulated distinctive edges.

Automotive PCB assembly is used in a variety of automotive applications, and our full-service basic component manufacturing services are beneficial in:
●Systems that anticipate robberies.

●Transmission sensors.

●Wiper and airbag controls.

●Electronic verification of instrument architectures that ease back for audio and video structures advanced programmers.

●Command of the environment launch structures.

●Power management techniques.

●Light switches.

●Motor timing systems, and structures for channeling power; Some examples of more traditional structures are power converters and light organizations.

The types of automotive PCB

■ Flexible PCB:These sheets include plastic substrates that may be customized. For construction, films made of polyester, polyamide, or PEEK are employed. These sheets may be bent and are flexible. As you drive through curves and twists, discover their uses.

■ Inflexible PCB: The unyielding sheets are produced using rigid automotive PCB – FR4. You cannot alter these sheets. They often hide on show displays on the other side of camera screens.Combine flex and rigid automotive PCB to create rigid-flex circuit board assemblies for automotive applications. The lighting structure is ready.

Also known as HDI PCB, these boards contain thicker pad compounds, better apertures, and more wires per square inch. The HDI sheet addresses scaling issues in testing and includes additional components. These boards are commonly used in drive-in theater setups.

■Circuit board for controller:The circuit board is made of aluminum due to the heat dissipation requirements of the LED film. Vehicle stickers, brake lights and headlights must be clearly visible.

The substrates used in automotive PCB Assembly

Warm aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride are used to mould a ceramic substrate. It is referred as a finished substrate automotive PCB and is used close to the motor because it can withstand high temperatures.Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) automotive PCB are used in the development of radar and security systems due to their excellent radio recurrence resistance.

Metal-Core automotive PCB assembly: A ceramic substrate is produced by heating an alloy of aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride. It is used close to the engine and is referred to as a finished substrate since it can withstand high temperatures.

Due to its radio frequency immunity, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) automotive PCB are used in the design of radar and security systems. The real deterrent is constructed on an aluminum composite plate that serves as the lining layer. This plate is made of a metal core printed circuit board. These properties make the base layer suitable for applications involving heat transmission. The community uses sheet metal for its heat conductivity and electrical safety. Mechanization is hampered by these structures.

Automotive PCB assembly include heavier copper in their inner and exterior layers. Because they can endure high temperatures, regular usage, and substantial current changes, these thick copper sheets are chosen over conventional copper sheets. Copper sheets generally range in thickness from 25 to 50 meters. It’s a thick copper circuit board, basically.

What performance should automotive PCB Assembly have?

Modern automobile improvements combine mechanical and cutting-edge devices with renowned approaches and ground-breaking constant advancements. Different portions’ dependency on electrical devices with variable restrictions necessitates the use of automotive PCB assembly for shifting operations. Automotive PCB is divided into two categories based on their substrate: those that reflect inorganic ceramic and those that reflect natural sap.

Earth-based PCBs offer formidable focus hurdles and attractive layered consistency, which are essential for engine frameworks in extremely high temperatures. Typically, the poor creation capabilities of terminated-based automotive PCB result in expensive circuit sheet prices. Tar-based automotive PCB assembly are used to a greater degree in modern automobiles because of the development of basically improved tar substrates with delayed heat deterrents.

One main idea is maintained: to carry out certain functions in various parts of a vehicle, PCBs constructed of varied substrate materials with shifting shows are used.

The impacts of PCB Assembly in automotive industry

The automotive PCB assembly industry will grow quickly and aggressively, focusing on autonomous and electrified cars. All the significant sensors and other components required for the vehicle to function properly are stored on the printed circuit board. If you think of the circuit board as the bottom half of the car, the engine, sensors, center, and wheels have an impact on its electrical components.

Automobiles need high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs). Extreme vibrations and climatic conditions must be tolerated, and it must operate without any major flaws. The sheets are also anticipated to be entirely practical in the long run.

Automotive PCB Assembly manufacturing

★High-Frequency automotive PCB assembly: The emergency postponement or enemy of effect component of the vehicle relies on PCBs to transmit microwave high-repeat signals. Military radar is like close field radar.

★Integrated Copper Leads: Because of their robust and heavy hardware, vehicles often create more force. The demand for more stream and intensity dispersal restrictions grows as the number of hybrid electric and all-electric cars increases. Either multi-layer PCBs with integrated copper leads and metal, or enlarged copper thickness in automotive PCB, should be the solution at this point.

★Integrated portion automotive PCB assembly: Integrated portion PCBs were initially used in telephones to maintain assembly thickness while reducing overall size. The effects of this invention on other mechanical devices are considerable. This is the argument in favor of include hardware development for car inserts.

★Developed HDI-PCB: Cars need HDI PCBs for the communication and entertainment components. Like modern cell phones or tablet computers. Unobtrusive electroplating, connecting, and piercing techniques should be used automotive PCB assembly.

Hints for automotive PCB Assembly design

Regulated and, to some extent, coordinated:
The placement and orientation of components greatly influence how a board looks, functions, and may be constructed. The key concept is to align linked components in a conventional manner before using the automotive PCB assembly guiding and limiting cycle during assembly.

●Driving Signal:
Parts of the power the chief that need to use power or ground planes for heat streams, as well as parts that can handle more than 10mW or lead more than 10mA, need to be properly organized for heat flow. Two to four vias per layer should be used to connect layers driving high streams; this improves warm conductivity while increasing unwavering quality and reducing resistive and inductive faults.

●Demand and Recognizable Features:
Usually, larger pieces are placed first, followed by smaller, less important portions. Additionally, by placing non-mechanized elements on a designated area of the automotive PCB, basic or blended parts will be segregated from one another.

●Generous Control:
The first two steps include locating the Thermal Resistance ratings listed on the datasheet and identifying the components that disperse electricity most efficiently. Since heat is transferred from components to copper layers, the optimal warm organization occurs when the entire board is at the same temperature.


●Using Guidelines of DRC:
The configuration rule A check will be made to identify any problems or mistakes that may not adhere to quick electrical requirements for typical gatherings.
h2 id=”What_factors_affect_the_quality_of_automotive_PCB”>What factors affect the quality of automotive PCB?

Vias of Various kinds:
Generally speaking, Vias make a lot of connections possible between the layers of the boards.

★Stay true to size
Ounces of copper are used to calculate the thickness of a circuit board. The average automotive PCB assembly designer uses a few ounces of copper, but some automotive PCB assembly manufacturers can supply up to six ounces of thickness if necessary.

What arrangement is possible for the printed circuit board?
Making a straightforward manual on the best method for stacking your automotive PCB is essential for assembling even the smallest components of your board.

★Design obstacles:
To guarantee that your board is constructed in accordance with your specifications, you should, as is customary, submit ideas for PCB construction.

★Signaling strength:
Consider the impedances, track lengths, sign rising and falling timings, and engine power.


How to choose a good Automotive PCB Assembly manufacturer?

The solution to this problem is to locate an Automotive PCB Assembly generating company that can provide quick turn services. For most enterprises focusing on the most recent developments in events, HDI, small scale, and flexible PCBs will play a significant role in each model developed.

The most important factors to consider when selecting a reputable Automotive PCB Assembly manufacturer are completely planned in-house configuration, tooling, and creation that utilizes cutting-edge, completely modernized cycles to give first-rate quality, pervasive expense execution, and flexibility exceptional to the interconnect market.

●Our Company:
Consumer electronics, new energy, contemporary controls, medical devices, automotive circuit board assembly electronics, and OEM/ODM laser rangefinders are the areas of expertise of IB Electronics Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 2005.

Among its current essential solid areas for an improvement group are the following: structure, foundation, gas, electronic circuit plan, optical plane, embedded programming upgrades, EVT/Focus on DVT/PVT testing and EMC testing, comprehensive improvement system, with restrictive repetitive SMT studio, more than ten DIP configuration line, and the thing assembly line. The company also maintains its core upsides of “abilities, improvement, regard, and shared benefit.”

The business, which is based in China’s Shenzhen mass manufacturing hub, has more than 17 years of expertise. Fremont, California, and Hanoi, Vietnam, respectively, are home to large-scale manufacturing facilities for products relating to new energy.

● Certification:
First-class quality, scientific management, continuous improvement, satisfy customers.In addition to being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, we are fully certified for automotive PCB assembly in the Motorized market (UL No:E326838), IPC member (IATF 16949) and the medical market (ISO 13485) as well. Moreover, we have recently been granted the Disney FAMA certificate, the most popular standard for information security worldwide.


Due to their many benefits and ease of use, Automotive PCB Assembly are being employed in cars more and more. This advancement in vehicle construction is praised for its wide range of potential applications. Different configurations either can’t or won’t successfully deliver the quality that is desired. Due to the fact that most printed circuit boards used in automotive PCB assembly have limited space for electrical control components, PCB assembly providers must supply appropriate PCBs.