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Top 10 China RF switch manufacturers in 2022

Top 10 China RF switch manufacturers

RF Switches are used in the electrical, mechanical, electronic and communication industries for signal switching. The signals cover different frequency bands from DC to GHz. With the recent surge in the availability of RF switch products for test system development, it has become increasingly difficult to select the right product for your application. Below I have listed the Top 10 China RF switch manufacturers in 2022, which I hope will help you to choose.


Maxscend Microelectronics logo

Established time2012-08-10
Total Market value616.22 billion yuan

● Company profile

Maxscend Microelectronics Company was founded on August 10, 2012 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM on June 18, 2019, stock code: 300782.

Jusheng Micro is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales in the field of RF integrated circuits. The company mainly provides RF front-end discrete devices such as RF switch, RF low-noise amplifier, RF filter, RF power amplifier and all kinds of module products to the market, and also provides low-power Bluetooth microcontroller chips to the outside world. The company has become a leading RF front-end supplier in China covering the complete industry chain from R&D design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing to sales.

● Main business

RF front-end chip products
IOT Chip Products


RDA logo

Established time2004-04-13
Registered capitalUS$22 million
LocationShanghai, China

● Company profile

RDA Microelectronics was founded in April 2004. With its headquarter in Shanghai and an Office in Beijing, RDA focus in development and marketing of RF ICs. After several years rapid growth and concentrated development efforts, RDA has become the leading RF IC company in China.

RDA has built a highly efficient team that has expertise in Analog and RF Circuit, Digital RF, Advanced Transceiver architecture, GaAs based PA Device, RF Front End Modules and DSP Assisted RF Technologies. RDAs product offerings include SCDMA, PHS, TDSCDMA, GSM/GPRS, TD-SCDMA and GSM dual mode transceivers, and PAs, Blue Tooth PA and FM Tuner. RDA has the largest RF IC development team and the most advanced RF IC products among all China based RF IC companies.RDA is founded with a mission to compete against the best of the world. RDA has developed many world class RF IC products and is competing well against leading players from outside of China.

● Main business

Analog and RF Circuit, Digital RF, Advanced Transceiver architecture, GaAs based PA Device, RF Front End Modules and DSP Assisted RF Technologies.


Vanchip logo

Established time2010-06-02
Total Market value15.756 billion yuan RMB
LocationTianjin, China

● Company profile

As the leading force in China’s power amplifier sector, Vanchip has ramped up its R&D and innovation efforts and made significant headway in delivering high-quality products over the past two years. Many products of the company are widely recognized for their industry-leading performance. In addition to major breakthroughs in existing products, the company is actively involved in the research and development of 5G technologies.

Since its start-up, Vanchip has been focused on designing and marketing RF front-end modules and high-end analog chips for mobile terminals, such as core chips used in smart phones.

2012 – Mass production of Vanchip’s proprietary RF power amplifiers began.
2013 – The company ranked among China’s top 30 IC design companies.

● Main business

RF power amplifiers, as our flagship products, are mainly used in 2G, 3G and 4G mobile phones and datacards. Power amplifier is one of the most essential and critical chips for mobile phone applications.



Onmicro logo

Established time2007-05-15
Total Market value926.72 billion RMB

● Company profile

Since being founded in 1995 OMNIVISION has been at the leading-edge of technology, developing and delivering advanced digital imaging, analog, and touch & display solutions for multiple applications across several industries. As a global fabless semiconductor organization, our award-winning innovative technologies have enabled smoother human/machine interfacing solutions within the automotive, medical, security & surveillance, computing, mobile phone, and emerging technology spaces.

● Main business

Image Sensors
Power Management
Touch & Display


RichWave logo

Established time2004-01-07
Registered capital200,000,000 NTD
LocationTaiwan, China

● Company profile

Founded in 2004, RichWave is devoted to RF IC development and design. Their product lines include RF front-end components in a number of areas: WiFi 802.11n/ac/ax in networking, 5G/4G/LTE in mobile phones, Motion Senor, AM and FM receivers in broadcasting, and proprietary wireless transceivers in surveillance and automotive rearview applications. RichWave provides complete RF front-end solutions covering the spectrum of wireless communication applications.

The RichWave team has expertise in a wide variety of industry specialties, including RF microwave, mixed-signal ICs and semiconductor engineering.

● Main business

CATV switch
Radar sensor
SAW filter
Wireless video/audio



Established time2008-10-23
Registered capital2019.8247 million RMB

● Company profile

CanaanTek Co., Ltd., an expert of 5G RF microchip provider for consumer smart devices, gathers world-class talents, focusing on product development, design, production and sales of smartphone RF chip. The company consists the Shanghai Headquarter (2008), Hangzhou CanaanTek (2014) plus the Sales Support Centers in Beijing and in Shenzen.

● Main business

Rf switching chip
Antenna tuner chip
Navigation chip


Creotech LLC logo

Established time2012-06-20
Registered capital1604.5464 million RMB

● Company profile

Xiamen Creotech,Ins. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design of Analog and RF integrated circuit chips and modules. In the field of wireless communication, the company has integrated power amplifiers,low-noise amplifiers ,RF switches in RF front-end module chips for WIFI 802.11ac and 802.11ax applications. It is the first chip company in China to provide WiFi RF chip solutions. At the same time, Creotech has also developed broadband linear RF amplifier solutions covering all frequency bands of 3G and 4G, which is the first in the industry.

● Main business

Wifi chips
Wireless chips
Beidou chips
Mobile chips
Walkie-talkie chips
Drone chips
AI control chip


Onmicro logo

Established time2012-07-03
Registered capital7464.8766 million RMB

● Company profile

OnMicro is committed to developing core technologies and solutions of high performance, high quality chips. The company is focused on Mobile RF Front-end ICs, RF SoC, Filter, Bluetooth Chips, MCU, Analog Signal Chain and Power Management Chips. The products are applied in the fields of smart phones, smart home products, automotive electronics, energy storage,intelligent wearing,intelligent home , etc.The company is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

● Main business

RF/ SoC integrated circuit design, including mobile RF front-end chip, IoT RF SoC and RF devices used in mobile terminals.


Awinic logo

Established time2008-06-18
Total Market value16.026 billion
LocationShanghai, China

● Company profile

Founded in June 2008, Awinic Technology is a high-tech company focusing on high-quality and high-performance IC design of Mixed signal, Power Management, and Signal Chain for mobile phone, AI, IoT, automotive electronics, wearables and consumer electronics.

Awinic Technology Co., Ltd. is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market. Stock Name: Awinic, Stock Code: 688798. As a fabless IC design company, they collaborate with first-tier Foundries and Assembly&Test.

● Main business

Analog input
Digital input
Motor drivers
Camera AF & OIS
Power management
Signal chain
RF switches
Smart sensor ICs
Hall switches
Capacitive sensor controllers
SAR sensors
Force sensor controllers


Lansus logo

Established time2015-05-15
Registered capital40252.7751 million RMB
LocationShenzhen, China

● Company profile

As a senior brand rooted in the field of RF technology, they are committed to build a new world of communications without any visible break. With advanced RF solutions and professional technical support team, the company is well poised to be an ideal long-term partner for corporations in the fields of telecommunication, mobile module, manufacturing, etc.

● Main business

Power Amplifier
Connectivity FEM

RF switch to achieve the role of control of microwave signal channel conversion, is a common device in the RF channel. As long as it involves channel switching, it needs to be used. Common RF switches are PIN tube switch, mechanical switch, electronic switch. RF switch products are often used in microwave test systems, a variety of RF signals to specific devices, so as to achieve the same device to carry out a number of tests at the same time.



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