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Top 10 China silicon wafer manufacturers

Top 10 China Silicon Wafer Manufacturers in China

Silicon wafers are the most important basic raw material for industries such as semiconductor chip manufacturing and photovoltaics. Silicon wafers have extremely high industry barriers due to their ultra-high purity requirements.

The world is dominated by five major semiconductor manufacturers (Shin-Etsu, SUMCO, Siltronic, SK Siltron, and GlobalWafers), but in recent years, mainland China has also been researching and advancing in semiconductor wafer manufacturing processes.



Total market value324.413 billion RMB
LocationShanghai, China
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC,00981.HK/688981.SH) is one of the leading foundries in the world. SMIC Group provides semiconductor foundry and technology services to global customers on 0.35 micron to FinFET process node technologies.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, SMIC Group has an international manufacturing and service base, with three 8-inch wafer fabrication facilities (fabs) and three 12-inch fabs in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen, and four 12-inch fabs under construction in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Tianjin.

◉ Main business:

SMIC provides wafer fabrication of 200mm and 300mm wafers at 0.35-micron (μm) to 14-nanometer (nm), and also mask services, IP development services, backend design services.

2. Huahong


Total market valueHK$34.755 billion
LocationShanghai, China
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Shanghai Hua Hong Group is an 8+12-inch chip manufacturing company with advanced chip manufacturing mainstream technology in China and has 8 member companies and its business includes integrated circuit R&D and manufacturing, electronic components distribution, intelligent system applications, etc. The core business of chip manufacturing currently operate three 8-inch production lines and three 12-inch production lines.

◉ Main business:

integrated circuit R&D and manufacturing, electronic components distribution, intelligent system applications, etc.

3. Resources


Total market value698.20 billion RMB
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Being subordinate to China Resources Group, China Resources Microelectronics Limited is a Chinese leading semiconductor enterprise capable of integrated operation of the whole industrial chain such as IC design, wafer manufacturing, package test and so on. The Company focuses on the fields of power semiconductors and intelligent sensors, and we provide customers with serialized semiconductor products and services.

Based on the statistical data of China Semiconductor Industry Association, in terms of sales amount, the Company was the only semiconductor enterprise with the mainbusiness in IDM mode among top 10 Chinese semiconductor enterprises in 2018.

◉ Main business:

products & solutions and manufacturing & service. Discrete devices and integrated circuits.

4. Nexchip


Registered capital150460.1368 million RMB
LocationHefei city, Anhui, China
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Nexchip Semiconductor Corporation (“Nexchip”) was established in May 2015 as a joint-venture between Hefei City Construction Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd and Holding and Powerchip Technology Corporation from Taiwan. Nexchip is a semiconductor foundry specializing in integrated circuit production ,which is the first foundry on 12 inch wafers in Anhui and also the first one with investment over ten billion CNY.

◉ Main business:

Design service at Nexchip not only supports 150nm、110nm、90nm 、55nm technology node but also towards more advanced 40nm、28nm technology node. The specific design service includes: PDK、technology files、 device model、third party IP and library,Tape Out service,MWP. We will support customers with the full IC design flow.

5. XMC


Registered capital555,700,000 RMB
LocationWuhan, Hubei, China
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(XMC®), founded in Wuhan, China in 2006, provides 300mm-wafer foundry and technical services at 40nm and above nodes, with capabilities that include NOR Flash, CIS, Logic and Analog technologies. XMC is certified with various international standard, such as IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, QC080000, and SS-00259.

◉ Main business:

6. GTA


Registered capital932091.7858 million RMB
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

GTA Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturing foundries specializing in automotive IC. Today, the company has two manufacturing facilities and the total output of capacity is 280,000 pieces per month.

The company provides customers a full spectrum of technology process platforms and portfolios for manufacturing Micro-Controller, Analog IC, discrete power devices and MEMS in the application fields of automotive, industrial and high-end consumer electronics.

◉ Main business:

A-level automotive IC – Power Management IC (PMIC), Micro-controller (MCU), power discrete devices(IGBT, SGT, FRD, TVS, etc.), SiC power discrete devices(JBS, MOSFET, etc.) and Micro-electronics Mechanical System (MEMS), etc. The IC products that applied in several vehicle systems and 650V/750V/1200V SiC JBS and 650V/750V/1200V SiC MOSFET technologies with independent proprietary rights.



Total market value3242.55 billion RMB
LocationShaoxing, Zhejiang,China
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Semiconductor Manufacturing Electronics (ShaoXing) Corporation (SMEC) provides foundry service focusing on technology solution for power, connection and sensor signal chain. On top of wafer foundry service, SMEC also extended its foundry service to module package in order to support semiconductor companies with one stop solution.

◉ Main business:

MEMS -like MEMS Microphone.Pressure transducer,Accelerometer,Gyroscope,Ultrasonic sensor,
MOSFET, IGBT and one stop service.

8. CanSemi


Registered capital215053.7634 million RMB
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Guangzhou CanSemi Technology Inc is the only 300mm fab that has entered mass production in Guangdong Province. It is the first 12-inch chip fab in China with Virtual IDM as its operating strategy and the first 12-inch chip production line in Guangzhou.They focused on application fields such as the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, industrial control, and 5G.

◉ Main business:

MOS, PMIC, MS, CIS, RFSOI and MCU. Analog on 300mm wafer. 0.18um-90nm platform technology, specifically serve for IoT, Automotive, AI and 5G emerging markets.

9. Founder


Registered capital44,341.2 million RMB
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Shenzhen Founder Microelectronics International Co. Ltd. (FMIC) was founded in Dec. FMIC dedicates to promoting the industrialization of power management IC and new power electronic devices.

FMIC has two 6” production lines with capacity of 60,000 pcs/month,which leaps into the front rank of the 6” production line in China. FMIC adopts wafer foundry mode, offering customers power discrete devices (DMOS, IGBT, SBD and FRD), power IC (BiCMOS, BCD and HVCMOS) and other wafer manufacturing technologies.

◉ Main business:

OEM service.
Design support
Development support
Third party service
MPW Program

10. NSI


Total market value/Registered capital 
LocationNingbo, Zhejiang,China
Company Website

◉ Company Profile:

Ningbo Semiconductor International Corporation (NSI) was established in Beilun in 2016 as a leading integrated circuit enterprise in Ningbo. NSI focuses on special process semiconductor covering RF front-end, high-voltage analog and optoelectronic systems.

Based on professionals who have been engaged in special process R&D and production in Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, the company’s technology and management core team also absorbs senior experts from excellent semiconductor enterprises at home and abroad, such as Intel, TSMC, Renesas, Applied Materials and CXMT.

◉ Main business:

HV analog; RF FEM,; Optoelectronic Systems; Design service

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