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Top 10 Chinese ceramic substrate manufacturers in 2023

Top 10 Chinese ceramic substrate manufacturers in 2023

Ceramic substrates are widely used in power electronics, electronic packaging, hybrid microelectronics and multi-chip modules, mainly because of their excellent conductivity, air tightness and insulation properties. Today we want to share Top 10 China ceramic substrate manufacturers.



Established time2016-12-14
LocationHefei, Anhui province,China

Company profile
Hefei Baner Technology was established in 2016 and has developed aluminum nitride metallized substrates for functional chips (third generation semiconductors), which are manufactured and sold on a large scale, taking advantage of its technological advantages in ceramic and metal linkage, in response to the demand of compound (third generation) semiconductor packaging technology.

Combined with metal-ceramic welding technology, they have developed various ceramic metallized substrates for high-power chips, which will be widely used in various fields such as 5G/Internet of Things technology, sensors for intelligent manufacturing, unmanned driving technology, terahertz security and medical-related technology, high-power LED, power traction (high-speed rail, electric vehicles), smart grid, aerospace and military industry, etc., which has promoted the rapid and healthy development of China’s ceramic substrate industry for semiconductors.

The rapid and healthy development of the country’s ceramic substrate industry, to break the foreign monopoly of high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride (silicon carbide) and other ceramic substrate metalization technology.

Main business and products

Smart Sensor Sealing Series
Coaxial package series TO
Aluminum nitride ceramic metallization



Established time2008-11-14
LocationWuxi, Jiangsu,China

Company profile

Established in Nov. 2008, Wuxi Hygood New Technology Co., Ltd is established by an entrepreneurial team which is formed by team members with ambitions, innovative thinking, who are devoted to develop Aluminum Nitride(AlN) ceramics and components made in China. Manufacturing of AlN substrates and components, core business of the company is a sunrise business encouraged and supported by the Nation.

AlN substrates and components are one of critical basic materials for Chinese industrial strong base. The project is originated from a 863 transformation of scientific and technological achievements of Tsinghua University. The company forms a strategic partnership with key state laboratory of Chemical Engineering in Tsinghua.

Main business and products

Aluminum Nitride(AlN)
LED Package
Power Module
Automotive Electronics
RF/Microwave communication
Image Sensing



Established time1997-02-26

Company profile

Zibo Linzi Yinhe High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. is located in Linzi District, Zibo City, the birthplace of world football and the ancient capital of Qi State. It was established in February 1993. It is a collection of power electronic materials (DBC ceramic copper clad laminates) and devices (power electronic modules). ), a high-tech enterprise integrating research, design, production and sales of power electronic devices, with a number of domestic leading technologies and independent intellectual property rights. The company occupies an area of ​​20,000 square meters, has a registered capital of 21.8 million yuan, and has 125 employees (including more than 30% of technicians). It has advanced technology and equipment, and has strong technical research and development capabilities and large-scale production capabilities.

Main business and products

DBC ceramic copper clad laminate (190.5×138mm mother board or single and double-sided molded parts with etched circuits), high-power LED ceramic copper-clad heat dissipation substrate, concentrating solar photovoltaic ceramic copper-clad heat dissipation substrate, ceramic coating for radio frequency circuits Copper plate; thyristor intelligent control module, constant current and constant voltage control module, separator module, MTC, MTX, MTG, MDC, MDS, MDQ, SSR (solid state relay), thyristor phase shift trigger control board, constant current and constant voltage control board, Double closed-loop DC speed control panel, battery charging and discharging control panel, etc.; to undertake various control cabinets (heating power control cabinet, DC speed control panel, AC or DC motor soft start control cabinet, charging power control cabinet, electroplating or excitation power control Cabinet, etc.).



Established time1660

Company profile

Founded in 2016, Samcien Semiconductor Materials Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of advanced packaging key materials for integrated circuits. Oriented by the thinness and short of integrated circuits, the company focuses on the fields of ultra-thin wafer processing and holding, ultra-thin device manufacturing, three-dimensional stacking and packaging, flexible display, conductive interconnection, etc., providing system solutions and key materials.

The company co-builds a joint laboratory with Shenzhen Advanced Electronic Materials International Innovation Research Institute, which has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. It is a member of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Advanced Electronic materials Technology Innovation Alliance and a member of the integrated circuit materials and components industry technology innovation strategic alliance.

Main business and products

Temporary bonding technique
● Laser unbonding system
● thermal slip unbonding system
● mechanical unbonding system
Surface treatment scheme
● No cyanide chemical nickel gold (ENIG)
● New chemical nickel palladium (ENEPAG)
● gold face protector
Wafer processing materials
● Tackifier
● Laser cutting protective adhesive
● Epoxy adhesive
Other products
● Optical Glass wafers
● Customized ceramic substrate /PCB



Established time2001-03-22
LocationZhuhai, Guangdong,China

Company profile

Rayben focuses on reform and innovation of thermal management solution, especially the excellent thermal performance of the super MHEPCB solution, which can make the product design and finished products break through the conventional concept. Their excellent PCB thermal management solutions enable us to grow with straight line in automotive, professional LED lighting, UV/IR, IGBT and power electronic components. Their footprints spread all over in the United States, Europe, ASEAN and Greater China. And their headquartered is located in Hong Kong, China and production base is in Zhuhai, China.

Main business and products




Established time1993-11-18
LocationHefei, Anhui, China

Company profile

Hefei Shengda Electronics Technology Industry Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Shengda Technology) is a high-tech enterprise which focuses on the research and development of high-end packaging and electronic material, The products fields cover metal packaging ,ceramic packaging and packaging materials, and the supporting solution is available for integrated packaging requirement.

Shengda company is now possessed with the advanced R&D and production line for metal packages, AlN ceramic materials and electronic paste. It’s products are widely used in the civilian industries such as optical communication, high power laser, microwave, hybrid integrated circuit, power electronics, new materials etc. The current annual capacity of metal packaging packages in the company reaches 3 million sets, DBC substrate (5 inch x 7 inch) 1 million pieces, Aln substrate 4000m2 and electronic paste 60 ton, Its customer groups can be found in dozens of countries and regions around the world.

The company is renowned both inside and outside the industry for its complete design, research and development, manufacturing, testing and reliability assurance capabilities and mature standardized management level.

Main business and products




Established time2017-09-04
LocationShenzhen, China

Company profile

Tao Tao Technology is a professional in the field of advanced ceramics, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the national high-tech enterprises. The company focuses on semiconductor, automotive electronics, new energy, consumer electronics, communication and laser and other advanced ceramic applications.

Main business and products

ceramic substrate
electronic smoke equipment heating parts
high-end ceramic structural parts and appearance parts



Established time1999-05-13
LocationWuxi, Jiangsu,China

Company profile

Wuxi Tianyang Electronics Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuxi cygnet Ceramics Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1958. It is a key enterprise designated by the Ministry of machinery and electronics to produce copper-clad ceramic substrate for power semiconductor device shell and module. The company has a complete set of professional production equipment and advanced testing instruments at home and abroad, with a wide range of products and complete specifications. It is an ideal matching product for all kinds of electronic and electrical components.

In 1999, it has passed the ISO9000 certification. After several upgrades, it has passed the latest ISO9001:2008 certification. It has passed ISO14001 certification in June 2012. It has passed ISO18001 certification in July 2015. The company’s products have been widely used in machinery, electronics, railway, power, military, scientific research and other departments, and have been sold to Japan, Britain, Germany, Russia, India and other countries.

Main business and products




Established time2016-11-09

Company profile

Shenzhen Xinzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of high-performance ceramic cop-coated substrates and related electronic components. The high-reliability (Hi-Rel) aluminum nitride and silicon nitride ceramic (AMB) copy-coated substrate products developed by Xinzhou Electronics, passed the most stringent military-standard GJB548B-2005-1010 test (condition C, -65℃ +150℃) for cooling and heating cycle, both reaching the international leading level.

In 2018, AMB ceramic copper-covered substrate products were used in many domestic military and civil units. At present, Xinzhou Electronics has a modern production site and advanced equipment for large-scale production of various kinds of ceramic AMB copper-covered substrates, with a current production capacity of more than 20,000 pieces per month, about 4 million square centimeters.

Main business and products

Ceramic clad copper substrate
Aluminum nitride copper clad plate
Silicon nitride copper clad plate
Alumina clad copper sheet
ZTA ceramics



Established time1993-09-29
LocationJinhua, Zhejiang,China

Company profile

Zhejiang Xinna New Ceramic Materials Co., Ltd., established in 1993, is a high-tech private enterprise of Hengdian group specializing in the design, development,Zhejiang Xinna New Ceramic Materials Co., Ltd., established in 1993, is a high-tech private enterprise of Hengdian group specializing in the design, development, production and sales of ceramic materials and products.

Company has advanced ceramic material and product production lines at home and abroad. Their main products are ceramic substrates, structural ceramics, ceramic devices, etC. They focus on the research and development of ceramic materials and devices in semiconductor, mobile communication, new energy and other application fields, and has become the main manufacturer of special ceramic materials and products in China.

Main business and products

ceramic substrates
structural ceramics
ceramic devices

The ceramic substrate has strong thermal conductivity, which is 10 times or even 100 times that of the resin substrate. The air tightness of the ceramic material is very good. In addition, the insulation of the ceramic substrate is also very high. There is no need to add an insulating layer. In addition to the high cost, other properties are very good.



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