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Top 10 PCB prepreg manufacturers in the world in 2023

Top 10 PCB prepreg manufacturers in the world in 2023

Do you know about PCB prereg? Prepreg, also known as “PP sheets”, is a dielectric material and bonding material in the production of multilayer PCB, composing of glass fiber, reinforcement materials and epoxy resin. The prepreg (adhesive sheet) used in the production of multi-layer printed boards is mostly made of glass fiber cloth as a reinforcement material.

The dielectric constant is about 4.0~4.5. At room temperature, the prepreg is solid, and when heated at high temperature, the prepreg gels the upper and lower copper foils together, and the prepreg becomes the medium in the middle.

As the experts of PCB industry, you have a good knowledge about PCB prereg. However, a good PCB prepreg manufacturer can make production more smoothly. So this article will list top 10 PCB prepreg manufacturers in the world in 2023.

Isola Group


Established time1912
LocationChandler, Arizona,US

Company profile

Isola Group, headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, is a global material sciences company focused on designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB).

Main business and products

Laminate and Prepreg
Laminate and Prepreg
Ultra Low Loss Laminate and Prepreg
Very Low-Loss Laminate
Halogen-free, Very Low Loss Laminate and Prepreg
Low Loss, Epoxy Laminate and Prepreg
Lead Free, Mid Loss Laminate and Prepreg
High Reliability Epoxy Laminate and Prepreg

Taiwan Union Technology Corporation


Established time1974
LocationTaiwan, China

Company profile

Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC) was established in 1974. Its former name was Taiwan Union Glass Industrial Co., Ltd, mainly produced optical glass. In 1997, the company changed into producing Copper Clad Laminate (also called CCL) and Prepreg. In 2001, TUC started to provide Mass Lamination service for customers. In Dec., 2003, TUC was officially listed in Taiwan OTC.

Main business and products

View Products by Property
High Frequency Laminate
Extreme Low Loss Laminate
Super Low Loss Laminate
Very Low Loss Laminate
Low Loss Laminates
Mid Loss Materials
Non-flow/ Mid-flow Prepregs
High Thermal Reliability Laminates
Standard Loss Materials

Shengyi Technology



Established time 
LocationDongguan, Guangdong, China

Company profile

Based in Dongguan since 1985, Shengyi Technology Co, Ltd. (SYTECH) is a world leader in the development and production of laminates. The company maintains a high commitment to on-going R&D efforts and provides a complete portfolio of products ranging from composites to high reliability, thermal management, HSD and RF/PTFE laminate materials.

Main business and products

Halogen-Free, Lead-Free Compatible FR-4
Lead-Free Compatible FR-4
High Speed Digital
RF and Microwave

Elite Material


Established time1992
LocationTaiwan, China

Company profile

Elite Material Co. Ltd. (EMC) was established in 1992 as a copper clad (CCL) and prepreg manufacturer. Since 2013, EMC has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of Halogen free CCL materials. With a highly skilled Research & Development team, Elite has developed several H/F products, from Mid Loss, Low Loss, Very Low Loss, Ultra Low Loss down to Extreme Low Loss categories. These materials are designed for very complex PCB’s, such as, for example, Anylayer, mSAP, IC substrate, high layer count (HLC)/ high speed digital (HSD) and radio frequency (RF) products just to name a few.

Main business and products

copper clad (CCL) and prepreg
Halogen free CCL materials
Mid Loss, Low Loss, Very Low Loss, Ultra Low Loss down to Extreme Low Loss



Established time2016
LocationTokyo, JAPAN

Company profile

Since 2016, the AGC Group has been providing differentiated materials and solutions. Their business fields include glass, electronics, chemicals, ceramics, and other products. AGC’s business extends into over 30 countries and regions with regional pillars in Japan/Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Main business and products

Architectural Glass
Automotive Glass
Glass Substrates for Displays
Electronic Materials
Chlor-Alkali and Urethane
Fluorochemicals & Specialty Chemicals
Life Science
New Business



Established time1997

Company profile

ITEQ Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high performance copper clad laminate materials used for the fabrication of printed circuit boards and was founded in April of 1997, maintaining its headquarters at No.17, Daluge Rd., Xinpu Township, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan.

Main business and products

No flow PP

Shanghai Nanya



Established time1997
LocationShanghai, China

Company profile

Nanya New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (“Nanya New Material” for short, stock code 688519) was established in Nanxiang, Jiading, Shanghai in 2000. With a registered capital of 234.4 million yuan, it is a domestic high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, R&D, manufacure and sales of composite materials such as copper clad laminate and prepreg. The products are widely used in consumer electronics, computers, communications, data centers, automotive electronics, security, aerospace, industrial control and other terminal fields, and enjoy a high reputation in the world.

Main business and products

FR-4 Materials
FR-15 Materials
Automotive Materials
HSD Materials
RF Materials

Rogers Corporation



Established time1832
LocationChandler, AZ,US

Company profile

Rogers is a global leaders in engineered materials to power, protect and connect world.Rogers Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and sells engineered materials and components worldwide. It operates through Advanced Electronics Solutions (AES), Elastomeric Material Solutions (EMS), and Other segments.

Main business and products

Advanced Electronics Solutions
RF Solutions Laminates and 3D Printable Materials
Busbar Solutions
Ceramic Substrates
Elastomer Components
Elastomeric Material Solutions
Thermal Propagation Delay Materials
Polyurethane Materials
Specialty Silicone Materials
PTFE, UHMW & Pressure Sensitive Tapes
Engineered Cellular Rubber
Engineered Cellular Rubber
Flexographic Printing Cushions

Chang Chun Group



Established time1949

Company profile

Chang Chun Group was established in 1949 in Taipei, Taiwan and is one of the leading chemical companies in Taiwan.Chang Chun Group has founded dozens of other affiliates/subsidiaries/joint ventures.Company manufactures more than one hundred types of products covering chemicals, synthetic resin, thermosetting plastics, high-performance engineering plastic, electronic materials and semiconductor chemicals.

Main business and products

PCB materials
Molding materials
Materials for semiconductors

Ventec International Group



Established time2000

Company profile

With headquarters in Suzhou, PRC, Ventec International Group (VIG) is a world leader in the production of high quality, high performance copper clad laminates and prepregs used in a wide range of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and associated applications. Ventec has full in house R&D capabilities and works closely with customers to customise and develop products that meet their specific needs.

Main business and products

Standard FR4
tec-thermal / Thermal Management & IMS
tec-speed / Signal Integrity
tec-speed / RF
tec-pack / IC Packaging
Lead Free Assembly
Halogen Free
Flex Rigid
Special Applications
Drill Entry & Exit Material
Flexible Laminates (FCCL) & Coverlays
Taiyo Solder Mask Products
Copper Foils & ACF
Masslam & Drill
Thermal Interface Material
Consumables & Lamination Accessories

At present, commodity prepreg has become an important part of the copper clad laminate industry. The prepreg used in multilayer boards has many requirements for appearance, such as flat cloth, no oil, no stains, no impurities or other defects, no cracks and excessive resin powder, which puts strict requirements on prepreg manufacturers.



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