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Top 10 SMT assembly machine manufacturers in China


Surface mount technology (SMT) is an assembly and production method that applies electronic components directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB).

SMT assemply machines, or pick-and-place machines , are aotomative machines which are used to place electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB) – like capacitors, resistors, integrated circuits onto the PCBs. Here, in this article will introduce some SMT assembly machines manufacturers in China.

1. Panasonic Corporation of China


Established time : 1994-08-11
Company location : Beijing, China
Total market value : 17,109 million USD
Company website :

Company profile:

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electrical appliance manufacturer and a leading global manufacturer of electronic products, founded in 1918 in Osaka, Japan. The company is engaged in providing advanced electronic technologies and system solutions for consumers in the residential space, non-residential space, mobile sector and personal sector.

The company has developed a global reputation for its branded products in the fields of home appliances, digital audio-visual electronics, office products and aerospace, and is ranked 153rd in the 2020 Fortune 500 list.

On 2 September 1994, Panasonic Corporation was founded in China as Matsushita Electric (China). Headquartered in Beijing, as of January 2022, it has 40 corporate companies consisting of five divisions and 26,000 employees. The business covers a wide range of areas such as home appliances, housing, cold chain, components, automotive electronics and connected solutions.

Main products and services:

Personal consumer products, commercial products, manufacturing products.
Home appliances and domestic equipment, equipment and systems for manufacturing and logistics, batteries and electronic components for mobility and social infrastructure, etc.

Related news:

The NanoI™*1 generator, manufactured and sold by Panasonic, has shown a good trend with global shipments exceeding 10 million units*2 in fiscal 2021. In June 2022, the company won the 2021 China Business Law Journal Electrical and Electronics Excellent Legal Team Award. On September 15, Panasonic China Northeast Asia Company (referred to as “Panasonic”) and Shanghai Yubang Kitchen Utensils held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

2. Hanwha Machinery (Suzhou)


Established time : 2013-11-05
Company location : Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Total market value : 1.79 trillion KRW
Company website :

Company profile:

Korea Hanwha Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1953. The company has become a first-class enterprise in Korea and maintains a leading position in Korea in many fields. Hanwha Machinery (Suzhou) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hanwha Group and an important production base of Hanwha Group in China.

Hanhua Machinery (Suzhou) mainly produces five-axis and above linkage CNC machine tools, powertrain assembly lines, and secondary battery production equipment. The company’s products meet the latest precision machining needs with high precision and high speed, and are widely used in communications, refrigeration, optical instruments, home appliances, aerospace, automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, special motors, watch industry and other fields.

Hanwha Machinery is not only a representative enterprise in the same industry in Korea, but also its products are exported to more than 20 countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, China, and Brazil.

Main products and services:

SMT machines, semiconductor equipment, automation systems, machine tools, industrial equipment and software solutions

Related news:

2020.8.27, Hanwha Precision Machinery Showcases Smart Factory in China “Enhanced on-tact”. In September 2020, Hanwha cooperated with SK hynix to realize the localization of die bonders. On February 2021, Hanwha Precision Machinery promotes smart factory solutions through online seminars.

3. FUJI Machine China


Established time : 2007-11-23
Company location : Shanghai, China
Total market value : 18,780 million JPY
Company website :

Company profile:

Fuji Machine China (FMC) was established in China in March 2008 invested 100% by Fuji Co., Ltd. in Japan. The company mainly deals with electronic component assembly machines, CNC machines, etc.

Fuji Electric Group is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of electromechanical products in Japan, founded in 1923. Ltd. was established in 1923, is a world-renowned multinational group, one of the largest comprehensive electromechanical product manufacturers in Japan, and has a history of more than 80 years.

Its advanced product design, exquisite technology, excellent product quality and strict management system have earned it a global reputation. Fuji Electric has ten plants and one research institute in Japan and 129 subsidiaries and branches overseas, with annual sales of over 800 billion JPY.

Main products and services:

Electronic Assembly Equipment, Machine Tools. SMT equipment, machine tools, compact multijoint robot, mobility support robot, atmospheric pressure plasma unit, public stocker system.

Related news:

In May 2022, the company announced a 57% reduction in the production start-up time for new products in the printing process. In August 2022, the company starts small in automating insertion processes using SCARA robots Panel Assembly Robot Cell – SW-BA.

4. YAMAHA motor (China)


Established time : 2004-10-27
Company location : Shanghai, China
Total market value : 821.38 billion JPY
Company website :

Company profile:

The Yamaha brand was founded in Japan in 1887. Yamaha products range from keyboard instruments such as pianos, keyboards, and synthesizers, wind instruments such as brass and woodwinds, string instruments such as violins and cellos, and all percussion instruments to the most advanced professional audio equipment.

At the same time, Yamaha is also a comprehensive international group that operates music popularization business, network products, sporting goods, kitchen and bathroom products, engines, mounters and other products.

Yamaha Corporation is a Japanese company that produces musical instruments, audio equipment and sound effects products, and is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments. Headquartered in Japan, its subsidiaries also operate household equipment and motorcycle-based businesses.

Main products and services:

Motorcycle, outboard, Wave Runner, golf car, e-bake system, power product, industrial robots, SMT assembly system, performance dampers, pool, OEM casting and forging, electric motors, clean water supply system, and so on.

Related news:

2021.8, Yamaha motorcycles and scooters on display at the EICMA 2021 International Motorcycle Exhibition. On March 9, 2022, Introducing Yamaha Motor’s booth and exhibits at the world’s largest robot trade show 2022 International Robot Exhibition (iREX2022).

5. Juki (China)


Established time : 2001-01-16
Company location : Shanghai, China
Total market value: 20.21 billion JPY
Company website :

Company profile:

Juki (CHINA) is a foreign-invested company wholly-owned by Japan’s JUKI Co., Ltd. in Shanghai in 2001. As the regional headquarters of JUKI in China, it is responsible for the unified management of existing domestic investment enterprises in China.

JUKI Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial sewing machines and domestic sewing machines, as well as high-technology SMT (surface mount technology) assembly equipment and is headquartered in Tama-shi, Tokyo. It is one of the leading industrial machine manufacturers. JUKI ranks as the no.1 sewing machine manufacturer in the world.

Headquartered in Japan, the company currently has manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, and Vietnam, and markets its products on six continents, in about 170 countries. Up until 1988, the company was known as Tokyo Juki Industrial Company, Ltd.

Main products and services:

Industrial sewing machine, home sewing machine, SMT-related system, automatic storage system, inspection& measurement system.

Related news:

On November 8, 2021, JUKI, Mitsubishi Electric, and Meiryo Technica agreed to establish a joint venture company with the view to expanding their industrial sewing machine business in to the non-apparel industry.

6. ASM Assembly Systems


Established time : 2002-08-29
Company location : Shanghai, China
Registered capital : 5.4 million EUR
Company website :

Company profile:

Headquartered in Singapore, ASMPT is the only company in the world that offers high-quality solutions for all major steps in the electronics manufacturing process: from equipment to multi-factory-level automation concepts for smart manufacturing.

From carrier for chip interconnection, to chip assembly and packaging, to Surface Mount Technology (SMT), ASMPT’s offerings encompass wafer deposition and laser grooving, to the various solutions that shape, assemble and package delicate electronic and optical components into a vast range of end-user devices; these include electronics, mobile communications, computing, automotive, industrial and LED (displays).

Main products and services:

Printing Solutions, Placement Solutions, Inspection Solutions, Storage Solutions, Software Solutions, Advanced Packaging, Open Automation

Related news:

15.06.2022, ASMPT SMT Solutions has been chosen as East West Manufacturing’s (East West) printing and placement preferred equipment supplier for the EMS leader’s Wisconsin facility, the company announced today. August 17, 2022, New solder paste printer from ASMPT delivers more flexibility.

7. Kulicke&Soffa (Suzhou)


Established time : 2002-03-20
Company location : Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Total market value : 2.272 billion USD
Company website :

Company profile:

Kulicke & Soffa (SUZHOU) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Kulicke & Soffa Group in Suzhou, China. It was established on March 20, 2002.

Founded in 1951, Kulicke & Soffa (NASDAQ: KLIC) is a leading provider of semiconductor and electronic assembly solutions serving the global automotive, consumer, communications, computing and industrial markets.

Leveraging decades of development proficiency and extensive process technology expertise, Kulicke & Soffa provides equipment solutions, aftermarket products and services supporting a comprehensive set of interconnect technologies including wire bonding, advanced packaging, lithography, and electronics assembly.

Main products and services:

Equipment: Advanced Display (Die Transfer), Advanced Packaging (Flip-Chip),Advanced Packaging (Clip Attach Line),Advanced Packaging (TCB),Advanced Packaging (Hybrid),Ball Bonder, Die Attach, Electronics Assembly, Lithography, Wafer Level Bonder, Wedge Bonder;
Consumables: Capillaries, Dicing Blades, Support Services, Repair, Refurbishment and Spares Program, Software

Related news:

In September 2022, Kulicke & Soffa announced the acquisition of Advanced Jet Automation, which, upon closing, will enhance the company’s existing portfolio of semiconductor, electronic assembly and advanced display products, while also providing new access to the broader dispensing market.

8. UNIVERSAL (Shenzhen)


Established time : 2002-05-23
Company location : Shenzheh,Guangdong,China
Total market value : 592 million USD
Company website :

Company profile:

UNIVERSAL is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of precision automation solutions for the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry. With a lineage of more than 100 years, UNIVERSAL is the longest-standing electronics assembly company. Compony technology solutions are truly universal and span the range of assembly applications- from lighting to automotive, medical, computing, entertainment, mobility, industrial and more.

Main products and services:

Precision & Odd-Form Assembly
Advanced Packaging
Hot Bar Bonding
Surface Mount
Advanced Process Lab
Remanufactured Equipment

Related news:

Apr 14, 2022, UNIVERSAL partners with NextFlex to deliver advanced packaging technology to Binghamton university. On Aug 2, 2022, UNIVERSAL joins ASIC, effort to fuel America’s advanced semiconductor development.

9. Mirae (Suzhou)


Established time : 2014-10-28
Company location : Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
Total market value : 37.13 billion KRW
Company website :

Company profile:

Mirae Corporation was incorporated in 1990. Mirae Corporation is engaged in manufacturing and distribution of semiconductor test handlers and chip mounters. The company operates in four business divisions: SMT (Surface Mount Technology) division is engaged in manufacturing LED application system, M x 100-M x 400 series, SMT software, ex-feeder, C-feeder, and option and accessories; ATE (Test Handler) is engaged in providing memory test handler, module test handler, and burn-in sorter solutions.

MI series is engaged in manufacturing Automatic Multifunction Component Insertion M/C such as Mi10, Mi20 and Mi25; and LMT (Linear Motor). Mirae Corporation distribute its products in markets including Europe, Asia, Middle East and Americas. The company is based in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do Province, South Korea.

Main products and services:

Semiconductor Equipment (Memory, Logic, Flash,Burn-in-Sorter Test Handler) , SMD Placement System ,Mask Manufacture Equipment

10. Evest (Shanghai)


Established time : 2005-04-25
Company location : Shanghai, China
Registered capital : 450,000 USD
Company website :

Company profile:

Shanghai Evest is a subsidiary of Taiwan Evest. Evest was established in 1999. It has a full range of precision machinery integration technology – precision mechanism design and manufacturing, electrical control design, human Machine interface control software, machine vision and system integration skills.

Main products and services:

SMD component full vision placement machine; Micro camera module (CCM) assembly process equipment;Micro lens module (LENS MODULE) assembly process equipment; Micro photoelectric module precision dispensing machine; Micro photoelectric module precision dispensing and compounding Machine (including placement, UV PRE-CURE); LED phosphor coating and dispensing equipment; High brightness LED module lens packaging equipment; CXO quartz oscillator mounting equipment; Other optoelectronic module assembly equipment

SMT is one of the most important processes in the assembly of PCBs, which are an important part of electronic products. Therefore, the quality of SMT machines directly determines whether components can be soldered onto the PCB effectively, thus affecting the effectiveness of the electronic product.

IBE is a professional one-stop PCB assembly manufacturer with 17 years of experience. IBE has 14 SMT lines ,6 Dip lines,wave soldering process,and 4 product assembly production workshop Lab. All the SMT assembly machine are imported YAMAHA brand because we take our customers’ needs and the quality of our products very seriously. If you are looking for a PCBA company, browse our website and contact with us please.



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