Hi Guys, this is Chloe from IBE Electronics co.,ltd. ,and wish you have a nice day! As you know the compliance certificate is very important for the Electronics product when importing or exporting the product. So today I will introduce you few common used certificate for electronics product.CE certification

① CE certificate
It is very commonly used in European Market and Australian market, the product with the CE certificate indicate that they meet the requirements expressed by a series of European directives such as safety, hygiene, environmental protection and consumer protection.

② UL certification
If you are in US market, then the UL certification is very important, you may enter the Custom clearance problems without this certificate.

③ RoHS certification
RoHS certification is also called environmental protection certification, which is in line with European standards.

④ PSE certification
PSE certification is a mandatory safety certification in Japan, which is used to prove that electrical and electronic products have passed the safety standard test of the Japanese Electrical and Material Safety Law or the international IEC standard.