SMT technology is used to process pcba. The biggest difference between pcb and pcba is whether there are welded electronic components. PCB=empty board, PCBA=assembled circuit board.

The electronic components are welded on the circuit board through SMT (Surface Mount Technology) technology.
Only the circuit board with electronic components welded can have a channel to let electronic signals flow. The SMT production line is a streamlined production line, and each step must be completed before entering the next process.
Next, we will introduce the basic manufacturing process of SMT production line.

① Automatic loading machine
It can meet the needs of fully automatic feeding of PCB bare boards and semi-finished products, and it can also adjust the width of the equipment track according to the width of the PCB.

② Printing solder paste
Solder paste is printed on the pcb board through steel plate. Solder paste is an important raw material for welding electronic components.

③ Fast printing machine/universal printing machine
The fast printing machine can quickly weld electronic parts on the circuit board, and the SMT production line will have 1-4 fast printing machines.
Universal printers do the same job, but they do not pursue speed but study the accuracy of the stamping.

④ Visual inspection
Manual visual inspection shall be conducted to ensure the correct printing. To enter the oven for welding.

⑤ Backwelding
The most important manufacturing process is to melt solder paste to form a intermetallic compound by heating, and weld electronic components and circuit boards together. This machine is also known as an oven.

⑥ Automatic caching machine
Realize lean production of SMT process automation and adapt to the temporary storage of PCB boards.
Multiple sports modes: sending board mode, first in first out, last in first out, NGOK receiving board and straight through.

⑦ AOL (optical detection)
AOL optical inspection is used to quickly check the welding status and pick out the defective finished products.

⑧ Visual inspection
Check the finished products again by manual visual inspection to avoid AOL’s misjudgment.


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