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High Tg PCB – its high flame resistance improves thermal management efficiency


Nowadays,PCB industry is developing toward higher functionality,density, and multilayer in the electronic manufacturing, it requires higher heat resistance of PCB circuit board substrates as a prerequisite. Therefore, there is a tremendous interest on the high Tg PCB. Tg is an important characteristic parameter of the material and is the maximum temperature at which the substrate remains rigid.

High Tg PCB has an strong steadfastness and good heat resistance, humidity resistance, chemical resistance, and stability resistance.This is why many high-tech industries and electronic products use high Tg PCB.

What is Tg in PCB?

.What-is-Tg-in-PCBMany of the properties of PCB materials change dramatically around the glass transition temperature. The temperature at this point is called the glass transition temperature (Tg). Tg is the maximum temperature of the substrate to maintain rigidity.

As such, normal PCB substrates won’t just relax, misshape, soften and different peculiarities at high temperatures, yet additionally the mechanical and electrical properties will drop pointedly, which will influence the help life of the item.

What is high Tg PCB?

What-is-high-Tg-PCBHigh Tg refers to high heat resistance. Generally, according to the value, the boards can be divided into three types: average Tg(130-140 °C), medium Tg(150-160 °C) and high Tg(170 °C) substrates. High Tg PCB is made of base material with high Tg value.

What’s the type of high Tg PCB?

FR4 high Tg PCB isn’t perfect for high repeat printed circuits. Additionally, to integrate your PCB into things that don’t allow the gathering of parts and that are insignificant fit to versatile PCBs, you should lean toward another material: polyimide/polyamide.

There are four sorts of high Tg PCB depending upon low and high temperatures and copper layers:
1.Normal Tg PCB
2.Double layers or double-sided high Tg PCB
3.Four sided or layers high Tg PCB
4.More the four or Multilayer high Tg PCB

What materials are used for high Tg PCB?

What-materials-are-used-for-high-Tg-PCBTo achieve high-ability, high-multi-layer improvement, PCB substrate materials require higher level fundamental. Additionally, in view of the ascent and headway of high thickness mounting progressions tended to by SMT and CMT, by virtue of reducing, minimal opening, and fine wiring, the high-power impediment of the substrate and the substrate are ending up being progressively undefined.

■ Normal PCB with copper-clad covers: 130 to 140 °C
■ PCB with a Center Tg of much than 150°C
■ High Tg PCB more than 170°C, often ranging from 180°C to 225°C

  1. The materials are used in IBE manufacturing capabilities are:
    ● FR2
    ● CEM1
    ● CEM3
    ● FR4
    ● FR4 High Tg
    ● Teflon
    ● Polyimide
  2. Regularly utilized high Tg materials in IBE include:
    ● ITEQ IT180
    ● Shengyi S1000-2M
    ● EMC EM827
    ● S1141
    ● Rogers 4350B
  3. Every substrate and board have their value of Tg. Let’s see the types of FR4 according to it’s Tg.
    ● Tg140 FR-4
    ● Tg150 FR-4
    ● Tg170 FR-4
    ● Tg150 FR-4 (Halogen-free)
    ● Tg170 FR-4 (Halogen-free)

What are the properties of High Tg PCB?

At the point when the PCB temperature surpasses or exceeds its Tg an incentive for a lot of time, the substrate goes through a change from its glassy state to a rubbery state. So, the substrate doesn’t dissolve however becomes rubbery and goes through underlying change. With this, the PCB loses its mechanical and electrical properties.

While managing high Tg PCB, the temperature is a critical limit to ensure enduring quality. Since as the temperature builds, the materials begin growing, and subsequently, their properties change. High Tg PCB can guarantee that PCB can perform perfectly at a high temperature than other boards.

High Tg PCB have the going with properties:
● Less Thermal development
High Tg PCB will not change too much at high temperatures. Thus, when the temperature drops down, the possibilities cracking or breaking the substrate reduces.
● Better intensity and dampness or moisture resistance.
High Tg PCB give preferable mechanical and substance opposition over Normal-FR4 PCB.
● Magnificent PTH dependability
● Great mechanical properties
● High temperature solidness
● High worth of warm pressure opposition

What’s the advantage of high Tg PCB?

■ Larger and Higher Stability
High Tg PCB has good heat resistance, moisture resistance, mechanical properties, can protect the PCB , maintain its internal function. Inside changes because of cycles will influence the equipment less when you utilize high Tg PCB, which will expand the service time of PCB.

■ Ideal for Multilayer and HDI PCB
Size of multilayer and HDI PCB is compact and dense, which has high demands on the functionality of the board. High Tg can be perilous for the helpfulness of the board. Therefore, High Tg PCB is the best choice for multilayer PCB and HDI PCB.

■ Withstand high power density design
On the off chance that the device has a powerful thickness and very high intensity, a high Tg PCB will be a 100% perfect answer for thermal administration. While decreasing the intensity age of customary boards, bigger printed circuit boards can be utilized to change the design and power necessities of the device, and high Tg PCBs can likewise be used and utilized.

What ‘s the applications for high Tg PCB?

The High Tg PCB applications shift among different industries.
Some of them are given below:

In a Metal Industry
To make an exact metallic construction required a precise cut of metal, crushing finely, welding and softening the metallic material. So temperature changes only during this cycle, to make the capacity correct for these required cycles, the high TG PCB.

Engine controllers
Be it the aviation industry or the automotive industry, both require strong and solidity the controller works hanged on the efficiency of every engine with more noteworthy RPM and longer running hours, the temperature of the unit rises essentially. Thus, the High Tg PCB is very important under the environment of higher temperatures.

Applications of High Tg PCB also include:
● Wireless hardware includes this card.
● It is used in the assembly of the Wi-Fi range extender.
● The AC power supply hardware uses this board.
● It is also used in lower-cost automated cars.
● In the creation of pile reinforcement, it is used.
● Minimum Spend Plc
● Development of embedded systems


Electronic products often work for long hours and the heat generated during the work process is transferred to other components, which eventually affects the durability and performance of the product. And the change of physical shape will definitely have a negative impact on their function and performance. So if your PCB is working under high temperature for a long time, you’d better choose high TG material.
Thus, having examined this, you could have involved High Tg PCB in your tasks. With regards to high-temperature applications, you should be certain that the PCB will work productively. IBE has all the experience and quality items to address every one of your issues. In this way, visit IBE for all your PCB necessities and requirements.



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