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What is PCB motherboard?

What is PCB motherboard?

What is a PCB used for?

A Printed Circuit Board or PCB is used to connect electrical components like capacitors, resistors, and other active components on a board.

It is made up of several layers of copper sheets that are laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. Moreover, PCB motherboard contains conductive tracks and traces for the exchange of electrical signals between different components soldered on board.

These boards are then used in all electronic devices. PCB functions as the brain of an electronic device and controls the behavior of machines. For instance, home appliances, computers, industrial machinery, etc.

What is PCB on the motherboard?

What is PCB on the motherboard?

The motherboard is the most important PCB of a computer. It is like a backbone of a CPU which connects all the important components along with external peripherals. These are present in all computers such as Desktop and Laptops.

A motherboard is itself a Printed Circuit Board, which contains ports, sockets, and pathways for connecting different components and external Input/Output devices.

These components may include a chipset, memory drives, USB, display, and sound devices. Some of the ports that are used mostly are VGA ports, Ethernet ports, and USB ports.

How is PCB manufactured?

The PCB is manufactured by infusing conductive and non-conductive sheets under high temperatures and pressure. Copper is used as a conductive material for pathways, traces, or tracks. While Epoxy resin and Fiberglass are used for insulation purposes.

Multiple steps are involved in this whole process of manufacturing, and which are given below:
5.Solder Plating.
6.Silk Screen.

What is a PCB motherboard?

A PCB motherboard is just an electrical circuit board that has resistors, capacitors, and many other electrical components embedded in it. It also contains conductive pathways, tracks, and ports for conducting electrical signal transmissions between internal components and peripherals of the PC.

The motherboard is analogous to the nervous system of a human which carries the signal from one part to another part. In this way, it acts as a communication channel that exchanges information between different components of a computer system.

Why is it called motherboard?

Have you ever wondered, why the motherboard of a computer is called the motherboard? One perception is that it is the main Printed Circuit Board of the computer and served as a communication hub for all other components. So, the name motherboard quite suits here.

Moreover, we can extend the capability of a computer by adding some extra components which are plugged into the PCB motherboard. In this case, we can term these additional circuit boards as Daughterboards. In this way, we can develop a hierarchy among the PCBs of the computer system.

How many types of motherboards are there?

Motherboards can have different variants depending on the space and number of ports and sockets available. We know that on the desktop majority of components are plugged into the PCB motherboard using sockets. Hence, it can be upgraded later.

How many types of motherboards are there?
Circuit board close-up. Dark PCB glows in dark. Background consists of a piece of PCB. Computer board with luminous paths. High-tech manufacturing concept. Light passes through holes in PCB

While in the case of a laptop, most of the components are soldered on the laptop. Hence, makes it difficult to replace or upgrade components. Although PCB motherboards can vary based on their functionalities, limitations, and size. However, they are categorized based on their form factor.

So, there are six types of motherboards which are as follows:
1.AT Motherboards.
2.ATX Motherboards.
3.LPX Motherboards.
4.BTX Motherboards.
5.BTX Pico Motherboards.
6.Mini ITX Motherboards.

What’s the difference between PCB and motherboard

A PCB is a general term used for any electrical board which contains the footprint of connections along with active components embed in it. While the motherboard is itself a PCB used in computer systems. Although the PC may have other PCBs, it is the main Printed Circuit Board of a computer.

We know that the fundamental components of any PCB are resistors, capacitors, and transistors. Other than that, the motherboard may also have a microprocessor, memory modules, external peripherals, ports and sockets.

About motherboard

The motherboard is also known as the main board, logic board, and main circuit board of the computer. It acts as a chassis for the CPU where all components are placed at their designated place and are connected to power and with each other via ports and sockets.

A standard PCB motherboard consists of the following components:

● Chipset sockets.
● Memory Slots.
● SATA connector.
● Power Connector.

● USB Ports.
● Audio connectors.
● PCI slots.
● IO ports.

What is the motherboard made of?

What is the motherboard made of?

Like any other PCB, the motherboard is also made up of several layers of copper laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. Therefore, the PCB motherboard contains two main materials that are copper and fiberglass. Fiberglass for insulation and copper for conductive pathways and traces.

After getting the design layout, the active devices like resistors, capacitors, etc, and slots are soldered at the designated places. Then, the daughterboards are plugged into these slots.

Are the motherboard and IC the same?

No, the PCB motherboard and Integrated Circuit are not the same. The IC is also called a microchip or a chip, which is made up of a large number of microscopic transistors, resistors, and capacitors. It acts as a brain of an electrical device responsible for computations and processing.

On the other hand, the PCB motherboard is like an environment with all other components as its agents. In this environment, the IC takes the input from other agents, processes it, and returns the outputs to the target. The PCB motherboard provides certain resources to its agents to work and exchange their transmissions.

How to check what motherboard I have?

Though there are several methods to check the model of the PCB motherboard of your computer. But the easiest way is through viewing from Windows System information. You can see the complete specifications of your PC in this menu.
Follow the given steps to see detailed specs of your PC:
1.Open Run with Windows + R.
2.Type msinfo32 and press enter.
3.Now, you will have a new window with a system summary.
In this window, find BaseBoard Manufacture, BaseBoard product, and BaseBoard Version.


In this article, we have discussed PCB Motherboard in detail. We have also seen that the motherboard is the main Printed Circuit Board of a computer which connects other electrical components of the computer system and play its role in the transmission of data between them. However, there are differences between a PCB motherboard and a motherboard.

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