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Why is the demand for automotive PCB and chips accelerating?

PCB circuit boards are becoming more and more widely used in the automotive industry, and the demand for chips in the automotive industry is also accelerating. So, what is the reason for the acceleration of PCB circuit boards and chip demand in the automotive industry?

The reason for the acceleration of automotive PCB

The reason for the acceleration of automotive PCB
The reason for the acceleration of automotive PCB

① The improvement of intelligent demand for the Internet of Vehicles With the increasing popularity of the application of the Internet of Vehicles, the intelligent demand for vehicles is also increasing.

IoV technology realizes the interconnection of vehicles with people, things and the environment through Internet of Things technology, which can improve the safety, comfort and convenience of vehicles. And these need to integrate chips in the car to realize the intelligence of the vehicle. The integration of chips is inseparable from PB circuit boards.

② The number of automotive electronic products is gradually increasing
As more and more electronic devices are installed in automobiles, the demand for PCB circuit boards is gradually increasing. For example, audio equipment, GPS navigation, reversing radar and other products installed in automobiles need to integrate PCB circuit boards to achieve the normal operation of the equipment.

③ The automobile manufacturing industry urgently needs to reduce costs In the automobile manufacturing industry, cost has always been an important factor. In the application of PCB circuit boards and chips, cost is also a key factor.

The traditional PCB circuit board manufacturing method requires a series of complex processes such as mold opening and cold drilling. With the continuous improvement of the PCB circuit board process, fast and low-cost PCB circuit board manufacturing can be achieved through 3D printing and other technologies. This is very important to reduce costs in the automotive industry.

④ The chip function continues to upgrade, with the continuous upgrading of the function of the chip, the demand for PCB circuit boards is also increasing. Many advanced driver assistance systems and automatic driving systems in modern cars need to integrate a large number of chips inside the car to operate normally.

These chips need to be integrated and laid out through PCB boards to continuously improve their performance and efficiency. In general, there are many reasons for the acceleration of PCB circuit board and chip demand in the automotive industry, including the intelligent demand for the Internet of Vehicles, the gradual increase of on-board electronic products, the urgent need to reduce costs in the automobile manufacturing industry, and the continuous upgrading of chip functions. These factors are expected to continue to drive the adoption of PCB circuit boards in the automotive industry, while accelerating the demand for chips in the automotive industry.

About automotive PCB design

About automotive PCB design
About automotive PCB design

1. Temperature: The temperature range of the automobile working environment is relatively wide, so the heat dissipation problem of the circuit board needs to be considered in the automotive PCB design, and the high-temperature materials and heat dissipation structure design are selected.

2. Vibration: When the car is driving, it will be affected by the vibration of the road surface, so the PCB needs to have good shock resistance to avoid falling off or breaking the components.

3. EMI/EMC: Automotive electronic equipment often needs to pass vehicle certification before it can be sold, so the requirements for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are also relatively high, and appropriate shielding measures need to be taken to ensure that the circuit board will not produce electromagnetic interference and will not be interfered by external electromagnetic fields.

4. Safety: Automotive PCB design needs to consider safety factors to prevent the circuit board from being displaced or squeezed by cable bundles or other objects5. Reliability: Automotive PCB needs to meet the reliability requirements of long-term use, so it should use high-quality materials and adopt reliable manufacturing processes to avoid problems such as poor soldering and aging of components.

6. Size: The size of automotive PCB involves the size and installation position of the entire electronic system, so it needs to be considered in conjunction with the entire automotive system design.

7.Radiation: In the automotive working environment, microwave radiation around the car may also interfere with the PCB circuit, and measures to prevent interference need to be added to the design.

In summary, automotive PCB design needs to consider multiple properties and standards to ensure its stability and reliability.

The characteristics of automotive PCB

The characteristics of automotive PCB
The characteristics of automotive PCB

Suitable for complex systems in the automotive industry
Adapts to large temperature fluctuations
Chemical resistant
High reliability
Adapt to different environments
Dirt resistant

The types of automotive PCB

Ceramic PCB
High-frequency PCB
Flexible PCB
Rigid flexible PCB
Metal substrate PCB


Automotive electronics is a collective term for automotive electronic control devices and automotive electronic control devices, including engine control systems, chassis control systems and body electronic control systems. Based on the future development trend of the automotive industry such as electric vehicles and smart cars in the context of the Internet of Things, the vehicle electronic installation rate will further increase, and the consumption of automotive PCBs will also increase.

With the development of automobiles in the direction of light miniaturization, electronics, and intelligence, the demand for automotive PCBs will gradually shift from single/double panel and multi-layer boards to flexible boards and HDI boards.

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