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Warehouse Management System (WMS) in PCB and PCBA industry

WMS in PCB and PCBA industry

Warehouse management system (WMS) is very much used in the electronics industry, exspecially in PCB and PCBA industry. Electronics industry products involve a wide range of products, including communication equipment products, medical equipment, computers and peripheral audio-visual products, toys, watches, etc.

The electronics industry involves a wide variety of products, complex, and with the growing size of the company, the management of the enterprise warehouse has become more difficult. And in the face of these problems to solve the only way to introduce advanced warehouse management system, in order to take a place in the fierce competition in the market.

Definition and functions of WMS

Warehouse Management System (WMS)is a system that automatically and effectively controls and tracks the entire process of logistics and cost management of warehouse operations, thereby improving the operational efficiency and cost control capabilities of the company.

Warehouse basic data management, strategy setting, warehouse scheduling center, inbound management, inspection management, shelf management, outbound management, replenishment operations, transfer management, inventory count, early warning and message pushing.

Warehouse problems of PCB industry

Throughout the PCB board industry, most enterprises do not pay attention to the management of the warehouse, so that there are many warehouse problems, to production, procurement, sales, etc. caused by certain problems:

1,A wide range of materials rely on manual records and the difficulty of differentiation.
2. Low inventory accuracy and real time, unable to accurately grasp the real inventory quantity, often out of stock, out of material situation.
3. Warehouse data need to be manually entered and updated, the workload is large, the data is not accurate, it is difficult to provide effective data support for managers.
4. It is difficult to implement FIFO, and the inventory has many stagnant materials and low turnover rate.Warehouse problems of PCB industry
5. Difficulty in inventory management. There are many types and specifications of electronic product materials, which makes the inventory work heavy; the inventory cycle is long, requiring on-site stoppage and warehouse freezing, which seriously affects normal operation.
6. There is the problem of multiple codes for one thing, which causes impact to the subsequent warehouse management and sales.
7. Lack of standard process, human operation errors, and can not understand the current operation.
8. Lack of barcode and batch management, problems arise, it is difficult to trace the quality.

Causes of these problem and solution

The reason for the above warehouse problems, one is the expansion of business volume, resulting in more and more materials inside the warehouse, the difficulty of management increases; the second is the low degree of information technology inside the warehouse, the process is also not standardized and reasonable enough, so that there is a lot of duplication of ineffective work, staff work pressure, high mobility. Therefore, enterprises need a set of mature warehouse management solutions to improve warehouse links, improve inventory control and achieve revenue growth.
Causes of these problem and solution
Warehouse management system can realize barcode label serial number management for goods, batch, shelf life, distribution, etc., and standardize the operation of the entire warehouse management chain, avoiding the situation of employees placing and working at will, making the basic work of the warehouse is strengthened and the quality of work is further guaranteed.

For the PCB industry’s warehouse management problems, you can introduce a set of WMS warehouse management system based on barcode technology to help enterprises build a digital and intelligent warehouse management system, so that the warehouse management mode with the pace of the times, constantly change and improve the competitive strength.

Role of WMS in PCB and PCBA industry

1、PDA scanning, flexible operation
Adopt barcode technology, combined with PDA handheld devices for mobile operation, to achieve a variety of operations such as picking and distribution, outbound inspection, purchasing and storage, etc., flexible operation.

PDA contains barcode identification function, which can collect data in real time and help enterprises to realize fine management of stock position, avoid inaccurate stock position, inventory discrepancy and batch number confusion, reduce inventory loss and improve inventory accuracy.

2、Batch management, inbound andoutbound in time
Through batch management, we can achieve FIFO of materials/finished products, reduce stagnant materials and improve inventory turnover rate.

3、Batch management, quality traceability
Through the batch management function, the flow of materials/finished products in the warehouse can be recorded in real time, and the quality can be traced in real time.

4、Real-time inventory accuracy up to 99%
Inventory data is updated dynamically in real time without manual post-entry, and the inventory accuracy rate can reach 99%, providing more accurate data support for purchasing, production and sales.
Role of WMS in PCB and PCBA industry
5、Integrated information system Optimize resource allocation
The wms system can be integrated with SAP, ERP, MES, TMS, SRM and other information systems to break information silos, optimize resource allocation and improve supply chain efficiency.

6、One thing, one code
Adopt barcode technology to realize one-item-one-code management and improve the fluency of sales and warehouse management.

Inbound process of WMS

1、The warehouse manager logs into the administrator side to make an appointment for warehousing, and the system generates an appointment for warehousing order.

2、The system updates the inbound order to the handheld PDA scanning gun, and then the warehouse operator uses the PDA scanning gun to associate the barcode with the arriving goods and affix the barcode label to the goods.

3、The warehouse operator will pull the goods with barcode labels into the warehouse and warehouse the goods to the corresponding storage position according to the system instructions, and then use the PDA scanning gun to scan the barcode labels of the goods as well as the storage position and bind the two.

4、After completing the warehousing, the PDA scanning gun will return the operation data to the wms warehouse management system, automatically increase the inventory information and update the inventory of the warehouse position, no manual records are needed.

Inbound and Outbound process of WMS

Outbound process of WMS

1、The warehouse manager logs in to the administrator side to make an appointment to leave the warehouse, and the system generates an appointment to leave the warehouse.

2, the system will be updated to the hand-held PDA gun, and give the goods are located in the warehouse, warehouse operators go to the warehouse on the PDA gun instructions to pick goods.

3、After finding the goods, the warehouse operator uses the PDA scanner gun to scan the barcode label, and then the picking can be completed. If batch picking is required, the number of boards and quantities can also be entered after the sweeping is complete.

4、After the picking is completed, the PDA scanning gun will transmit the operation data back to the wms warehouse management system, which will automatically reduce the inventory information and update the inventory of the warehouse, without the need for manual records.


The warehouse is the storage of materials for each manufacturing company, the custody of one-third of the enterprise’s property, but most companies do not pay enough attention to warehouse management this piece, usually there will be confusion in the placement of goods, can not find the goods and shelves place; inventory accuracy rate is low, resulting in inventory backlog, production shortage of materials and other situations; all operations are basically rely on manual experience to complete the judgment, the high cost of manual operations. This series of problems vicious circle, seriously affect the business development of enterprises.

Through the application of WMS warehouse management system, it can help PCB board and PCBA manufacturers to realize refined management, avoid human errors, eliminate operational delays, timely and accurate information, make full use of space, reduce waste of resources, improve the efficiency of the warehouse site as well as inventory turnover rate, and bring higher benefits to PCB companies.



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